Dealing with anxiety in toddlers

Dealing with Anxiety in Toddlers

February 4, 2021

Anxiety in toddlers is common because of their growing age. But, the situation may become worse when your child is having access to fear, worry, less sleep, and eating disorders.

Different kinds of Anxiety in toddlers

Dealing with anxiety in toddlers

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

GAD is the first stage of Anxiety. Your kids may worry about not finishing their lunch or school homework at the given time. They may feel worried that parents may scold them and ask them to stay in a particular room with the door locked outside. It’s the beginning and can be controlled.

Solution: Counsel your child. Give them reasoning, how beneficial finishing lunch is? What are the add on values completing schoolwork can give them? By appropriately guiding them will remove the GAD from their minds.

Separation Anxiety Order

SAD is the early stage of Anxiety disorder among children. There are numerous reasons behind the occurrence of SAD. For example, children are not able to remain separate from their parents. Whether they have to go to school or to play in the garden, they find it challenging to stay with their Grandparents, Daycare, or even with a babysitter.

Solution: Parents need to find out what disturbing their child’s mental health is. Once the issue is detected, then it will be way easy to remove the same. Try to make your children more aware of how important being socialised is? How they can cope-up with society and people living in it. This will surely help.

Social Phobia

SP is hitting harder our children’s mental health. This type of anxiety doesn’t let children feel confident and socially presentable at all the time. Children feel shy, and they have fear residing in their mind that what others will think about them. If they say something, others may consider it funny and be a part of embarrassment.

Solution: Children need to teach that they are unique themselves. They have no other comparison. They have a unique personality and hidden skills that need to bring out of the dark towards light. By giving them motivational speeches and boosting their confidence, one day, your child will eliminate SP from their own mind.

Dealing with anxiety in toddlers

Reasons for Anxiety Disorder

  1. Anxiety Disorder (AD) may occur if any family member of a specific child is suffering from the same, and in science, it is a genetic issue.
  1. AD may occur according to the situation and circumstances a child has been raised.
  1. AD may also occur if proper blood supply is not approaching specific nerves in your brain, and scientifically it is called Chemical Miss-functional.

Special Way to Diagnosed AD

The foremost way to know what went wrong with your child is by having an appointment with the industry expert. A knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced therapist can only appropriately guide you.

Experts can quickly diagnose the issue while having a conversation with you and your child. The therapist will find out the reasons and timing of occurrence and provide you with the best possible solution.

Possible Treatment

Yes, the Possibility of AD treatment is available in the age of technology. There is a medical treatment known by the name of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

In CBT, an expert has a session with your child, and in it, experts try to find out what are the different causes of Anxiety that occurs to your child, what are the timings that disturb the most to your child and what age group people your child is comfortable with and not.

In CBT, there is a good session for parents also. Parents can learn how and when to respond to the anxious nature of their child. Parents can improve cope-up skills with a child suffering from Anxiety Disorder.

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