What is a Lip Bumper?

What is a Lip Bumper?

September 28, 2021

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Having teeth that are correctly aligned is not only an idea aesthetically, but it will help maintain the health of your teeth. When the teeth are able to fit together well, you will find that they are easier to clean, will not cause damage to the cheeks, and the muscles of the jaw and neck will have less strain. Braces are one method that you can use, but a lip bumper may be recommended as well. 

What is a Lip Bumper

A lip bumper is simply a U-shaped wire. The ends of this will fit in with some metal bands that will then encircle the back of the teeth on the bottom. The front of the wire is meant to extend the lower lip just a little bit. The goal of this is going to be to leave more space for the front teeth to move into the correct position. The bottom lip is doing some work here as well, exerting natural pressure on the wire so that the molars are pushed back. 

While this may sound painful, the pressure is slight and the patient will get used to it pretty quickly. The device is going to be made out of rubber or acrylic so it will not cause damage inside of the lip. In some cases, it is used to help treat the upper jaw as well. 

How are Lip Bumpers Used?

There are a number of ways that these lip bumpers can be used to help out the teeth. The main reason is to give the mouth more space so that the teeth can be aligned. Wearing it for a short amount of time may be enough to help the teeth have the room they need for proper alignment. 

That is just one of the ways that the lip bumper can be useful. They are also helpful when it is time to correct a few other oral health problems like thumb or finger sucking. Lip sucking is another issue that will cause ulcers to form on the lips and the gums and it may be painful enough that it will change the alignment of the teeth. The lip bumper will provide some relief as well. 

What is a Lip Bumper?

What are the Side Effects?

There are very few side effects of using the lip bumper, especially if there is a professional orthodontist who will work through this. It can impact the molar or change the length of the dental arch if the patient does not follow the rules and regulations that the orthodontist gives. However, this is a safe procedure that can fix a lot of issues of the mouth and since it is in for a short time period, it can be a great option to use. 

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