2 Ways To Look Better And Feel Better

2 Ways To Look Better And Feel Better

April 28, 2021

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You live in a sometimes complicated and uncertain world. Add the stressors of an ongoing pandemic into the mix, and you will soon realise that you require more self-care to feel better about yourself, look better, and maintain your health. Sometimes what you see on the outside is as important as how you feel on the inside. Luckily, there are steps you can take to improve both.

Cellulite and Skin-Tightening

You all know that eating well provides numerous health benefits for your body. But what about topical applications of food extracts and specific spices? LipoTherapeia is a renowned boutique specialising in world-class aesthetic services. LipoTherapeia provides high-quality products for the treatment of cellulite and offers skin tightening treatments. All of this is accomplished with the use of natural products for your benefit. 

LipoTherapeia offers many great services of note. There are two specific treatments you may be especially interested in. The first is Cellulence Legs which is an advanced leg cream formulation. It is designed to address concerns with anti-ageing, skin firmness and elasticity improvements, stretch marks and cellulite prevention, liposuction aftercare, poor circulation, improvement of lymphatic drainage, among other benefits. 

The next beneficial product (among many others) offered by LipoTherapeia is Cellulence Curcumin. This product contains a higher concentration of curcumin than Cellulence Legs for the added benefit of bioavailability and body absorption. Cellulence Circumin addresses the same concerns as Cellulence Legs and helps with skin healing, anti-ageing, cellulite, skin microcirculation, and stretch marks.

2 Ways To Look Better And Feel Better

Prioritise Sleep

Wanting to sleep well and actually sleeping well may be worlds apart for you. With stressors and life responsibilities getting in the way, achieving any amount of sleep can prove difficult. If you find your bedtime moving back to a later time each evening, approach your nightly rituals and the time you get under the covers as appointments on your daily schedule. 

First, determine how much sleep you need. Studies show that adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night to feel their best both mentally and physically. This amount may differ for you depending upon your personal needs and schedule. Take note of when you need to wake up each morning and then do the math to figure out when you should be in bed.

Next, calculate how long your self-care rituals at the end of the day last. If you find this to be a cathartic and relaxing process, do not try to rush it. Allow the acts of removing your makeup and then applying lotions and creams to be mindful. Take note of each task and enjoy the moments. Once you know how long this process takes, document it on your calendar and set it as a recurring appointment. 

Finally, move to your bed and pull down the covers. Often, you may move around your home putting away misplaced items or tackling “just one more thing” before going to bed. Put an end to that habit and take care of yourself by prioritising your health and the benefits that sleep affords your body.

As a gentle reminder, you are who you are. While it is inherently valuable to continue to improve yourself both mentally and physically in ways that benefit your mind and body, be kind to yourself. Adding undue stress to your life by striving for perfection will only lead to more stress. Try out new techniques and treatments, exercise, sleep well, and be good to yourself for the most lasting effects for years to come. Give yourself some much-deserved love and care.

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