Why White Bed Linen Is a Popular Choice

July 4, 2019

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When it comes to luxurious bed linen, you have to admit that out of all the colours to choose from, white is the piece de resistance. Whether you are buying bed linen online or in a shop, when you see it, it exudes, style and class. 

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At Dusk, we have a complete range of luxury white bedding to choose from, that includes luxury king size bedding sets, flat sheets, beautiful throws and gorgeous decorative cushions. The emphasis on all of our bed linen products centres around white. That doesn’t mean all our linen bedding is white, it means that our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are designed to complement the white.

Let’s have a look at why white is so right….

White looks fresh: White has an indescribable quality that makes it look continuously fresh. Its association with purity and nature e.g. snowdrops, doves and swans go some way in perpetuating this effect. Sinking into a bundle of white cotton bedding is undeniably heavenly!

White complements cotton: As well as the colour white, cotton fabric is also synonymous with freshness, thanks to its durable qualities. The cool crispness of 100% cotton pairs with the fresh and clean associations white has, perfectly.

White goes with other light tones: White also looks fantastic with plenty of other light colours, such as greys, pinks and pale blues. You can see in our bed linen collection at Dusk that there is a wide variety of choices when it comes to colours. For example, the Mayfair bed linen collection in grey which is made from 400 thread count cotton sateen sheets with a stitched cord edging, comes in not only grey, but navy blue, pink, and light blue.

Similarly, our bedspreads are also available in other colours, as well as white. You might want to look at the reversible Twilight bedspread which is made up of carefully stitched, long quilted bands and is available in white and grey. 

There’s no need to stop here either! If you’re looking for a white, clean look with hints of colours, then you try using cushions to style your room. Our Twilight, honeycomb and waffle style decorative cushions allow you to introduce subtle splashes of colour, dotted throughout your room, either on a dressing table stool or a chair and they look elegant scattered on top of simple white bedding sets too. 

White looks luxurious: There’s a reason why high-end hotels and boutique hotels opt for white cotton bedding. Well, actually there are several reasons. Firstly, white. It’s the colour of choice because it goes with everything. No matter if you change the design of a bedroom, white will usually sit well with all new colours and styles. It also helps that cotton is long-lasting and high quality.

White goes well with patterns: White cotton bedding works really well with patterns too. If you have a loud, detailed pattern or an unusual fabric, then you will need a calmer and more plain background. This is where the white comes in. It allows patterns to stand out but keeps your bed looking high quality. 

White and luxurious don’t have to be expensive!

As we mentioned, white luxury bedding sets don’t have to be expensive! Our fabric of choice is 100% cotton, be that cotton sateen or cotton percale. Cotton is a breathable material which is perfect for when you are sleeping in warmer temperatures as it acts as a wick, moving moisture away from your body and keeping you cool while you sleep. It also helps keep you insulated in winter! Not only that but if you look after your bedding, it will look after you and you won’t have to spend money replacing sheets and duvet covers every year. Its durability means it is long lasting and easily washable. Thanks to this, white cotton sheets are kept looking white and vibrant, just as you bought them. At Dusk, a luxury bedding sale is not a rare occurrence – we regularly discount our bedding products. Take a look at our current offers on double bedding sets, flat sheets and much, much more!

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