Make Every Day a Learning Experience {Part1}

May 10, 2019

Summer is almost here and that means summer break. With hot days spent away from school, many kids experience summer slump. The summer slump is when children are out of school for an extended amount of time and the things that they have learned at school get forgotten. It happens when children do not read everyday or practice other important skills that they have learned in school. By making summer a learning experience, kids can continue to learn all summer and not even realise they are still learning.

Ways to Help Kids Continue to Learn Over the Summer

A little boy that is sitting in the grass

Make it fun: The first thing about turning everyday moments into learning experiences is by making it fun. Find something that your child loves. Maybe she loves checking out flowers or bugs or rocks. It doesn’t matter what the subject is.

Books: Once you know things to focus on, get books on those subjects. If the child likes flowers, get age-appropriate books on flowers or whatever the subject is. Since it is something they like, reading time is not as difficult.

Explore: After the child has learned more of the subject, get out and look. Explore. Staying with the flower theme, see what new flowers the child can find and if she knows the name. If she doesn’t take a picture to research it later.

Hands-On: Do more than just look at the flowers and try to name them. Check out the structures of the flower and see if one flower’s petals look the same as another’s. Use the Discovery LED Pocket Scope to get a close up look at the plant.

The Discovery LED Pocket Scope is a small pocket sized microscope that is designed for kids. Perfect for children ages 6-10, this small sized microscope has a magnification power of 50X. The kids can get close up and see all the small details of the flower that they might not be able to see with just the eyes. The scope has an LED light, adjustable light direction, a focus wheel and an excellent optical lens. The Discovery Scope is easy to use for kids too. Kids can put the scope right over the item they are looking at.

This takes learning about anything to a new level, and because it seems like play, kids are learning without even knowing it. This type of learning can be used with any passion the kids have. The key is to get them excited and then get them learning.

Win a Discovery LED Pocket Scope

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