The Five Crystals That Can Help You Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety

October 23, 2021

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If you are a person struggling with anxiety, don’t feel alone because there are countless others from around the world also feeling the same way. In fact, according to a worldwide scale, one out of 13 people has anxiety, and it is a condition that has been increasing more and more in recent times because of stressful events. 

While some people turn to medicine for this, others seek to heal through other methods such as yoga, meditation, or even crystal healing. Talking about healing crystals and their meanings, it’s important to know that Crystals are made up of different elements or compounds, which our bodies react to in different ways, that’s why it is important to find the right one for you. Crystals act as a power hold for healing as they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy. 

Don’t discount crystals as a placebo, only as crystal healing may help you in more ways than you know. Yes, while crystals cannot take all the anxiety away from your life, these stones can provide you with positive vibrations that assist in your healing process and will aid you in moving towards a new life filled with positivity and vitality.

Crystals That Can Help You Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety

Let’s find out some well-known crystals which can help you in this regard: 

The Five Crystals That Can Help You Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety

Blue Lace Agate 

This crystal is one of a kind. Blue lace agate looks just like its namesake, blue swirls encased within spirals. 

It’s much more than just another pretty rock, though it has many healing properties. This healing gem helps heal both your mental and emotional health. 

It’s also important to state that for many, this vibrant crystal may even help awaken a spiritual bond or elevate one into an incredible state of calmness and replace any level of anxiety. Since it’s so beautiful, we recommend wearing jewelry made of these crystals, or you can even place them on your work desk to increase communication and reduce tensions.

Smoky Quartz

If you’ve faced many of life’s challenges and also experienced trauma of some sort, Smoky Quartz can be an amazing support for your healing process. You can turn to this crystal when you feel like you are drowning in anxiety and negativity, as it helps you get grounded again to fully focus on what’s important in the present moment. 

The Five Crystals That Can Help You Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety


You may find it hard to sleep sometimes and you may often feel “wired” or stressed out. Thus, for such instances, we recommend using amethyst to help you get a good night’s rest. 

Associated with the planet Venus this stone provides us with peace and calm. You can use it while you meditate, or you may also place it on your nightstand while you sleep! 


Citrine is a powerful energy that nurtures life’s joy, wonder and enthusiasm, filling each last corner of your being with light to help you feel alive. 

Citrine can calm you by switching out doubt and worry with warmth & clarity. Just like how yoga unties your muscles from knots after a long day’s work at the office, Citrine can unlock any rigidness or tension locked inside body, mind & soul. We highly recommend you wear citrine necklaces to bring about endless benefits!

Rose Quartz

Just as the beautiful pink hue of this crystal suggests, rose quartz is a stone that promotes love to enter your life. It also helps you to love yourself first and foremost. 

Remember that self-love is the most important thing you can give yourself when battling anxiety because it allows you to feel better about yourself and opens your heart chakra for the healing process to begin. 

You can hold a piece of rose quartz in your hand to help you deal with tension or frustration. It will serve as a reminder for you to think more favourably.

The Five Crystals That Can Help You Relieve Your Stress And Anxiety

Final say

Finding your stress-relieving stone is hard work, but don’t let that get you down! Just trust that after you find your healing crystals, they will help eliminate any negative and anxiety and provide you with the clarity you need.

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