Make Magical Fairy Tale Castle Turrets With Fondant Icing

January 15, 2015

Make Magical Fairy Tale Castle Turrets With Fondant Icing

What could be a better cake for a little girl’s birthday than a fairy tale castle, complete with drawbridge, ivy creeping up the walls and towering turrets, flags fluttering in the breeze?

Creating a fairy tale castle cake is no small project, and beyond the scope of this blog post, but making the fondant icing turrets is one part that can be easily explained.

How To Make The Fondant Icing Turret

Creating your turret solely out of fondant icing will make it far too heavy to sit atop a castle tower. So instead use an ice cream cone as the basic structure, which can then be decorated to look like a turret with the icing. As far as which cone, a sugar cone as opposed to a standard wafer cone is a better choice due to its more regularly conical shape.

To make the turrets you’ll need:

  • Sugar cones.
  • Fondant icing in your preferred colour. A brown works well for a more realistic appearance, but pink or a lilac shade fits in with the fairy tale theme a little better.
  • Edible food glue to stick the fondant icing to the sugar cones.
  • A sharp craft knife.

The steps to making a turret are surprisingly simple…

  1. Dust your work surface with some icing sugar.
  2. Take a lump of fondant icing and knead it until pliable then roll out onto the surface to a depth of about 3mm.
  3. Place your sugar cones on top of the icing and then cut around them with your knife, leaving a small edge outside the circumference of the cone’s edge.
  4. Paint a small band of edible glue around the cone and the fold the edges of the fondant circle up and stick into place. This gives your turret a base with which to attach it to your cake.
  5. Take more of your fondant icing and roll it out onto your work surface to about 2mm deep.
  6. Cut several rectangular strips of icing, about 6” by ½”. These will form the tiles on the turret roof.
  7. Add some glue to the back of a strip and wrap it around the cone at the base.
  8. Using a sharp knife slice the tiles into the fondant icing and gently lift the ends up slightly away from the cone.
  9. Continue to add strips of fondant to the cone, adjusting their length as the cone tapers. Don’t layer the tiles identically, have them overlapping slightly for a more realistic look.
  10. For the last layer be sure to smooth the top of the fondant icing over the tip of the cone.

Once your turrets are complete they can be attached to the towers of the cake. You could also add additional features like some ivy made from green fondant icing, or perhaps a weather vane or flag.

Make Magical Fairy Tale Castle Turrets With Fondant Icing

A fairy tale castle cake will go down a treat with any young princess, and these fondant icing turrets will finish the cake of perfectly.

Disclosure: This post is brought to you from Renshaw Baking

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  • Mummy Matters January 21, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Wow that is such a clever idea, I have never thought of that. I always have grand ideas when it comes making my children’s birthday cakes but they are far from grand in the end. I just think at least I’ve had a go and that’s what matters 🙂

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