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Blogging 101 | Why You Should and How to Spring Clean your Blog

April 7, 2020

It’s important to spring clean your blog from time to time. I recently shared some tips on how you can get this project completed, but today I’m going to dig into the subject a bit further.

Why You Should Spring Clean Your Blog

The biggest reason to spring clean your blog is to make it run more efficiently, ensure details about you and your blog are updated, as well as to simply make sure your blog theme still matches the vision you have for this brand. Spring cleaning your blog helps to update any SEO that’s lacking in various blog posts and ensures that you’re staying up to date with the latest search engine rules, and blog site requirements.

How to Spring Clean your Blog

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homepage clutter

Some brands need to have more details from you visible on your blog, perhaps they want to know how many visitors your blog posts get, or they want an easy way to email you or visit your social media profiles. These are all thing to take into consideration for a reason why you should spring clean your blog. The idea being spring cleaning our blog is to get rid of clutter, and to make your blog more approachable for brands and other paid opportunities that may be presented to you.

Review SEO

If you don’t have the YOAST SEO plugin installed, then you’ll want to get that installed. This plugin helps show you based on a green, red or yellow light where your SEO is for each blog post. A green light means that your SEO is up to par, while a yellow means you should update it and a red means to really get in that blog post and update the SEO information. Review all SEO data within your blog on blog posts and images so that you can increase your search engine rankings.

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Check Broken Links

There are many links that become broken on the internet on a regular basis. This is why it’s important to spring clean your blog. Review all links within your blog to make sure none are currently broken or pulling your search engine ranking down. There’s a broken link checker plugin for WordPress blogs that will assist you in this process. You should also check your webmaster tools to see if any errors have come up with your blog’s sitemap. Fix all broken external and internal broken links on your blog during spring cleaning season.

Spring cleaning your blog is simply a fabulous way to get back in touch with your mission, your ability to earn money and the efficiency of your blog overall. Be sure that visitors can easily navigate your blog without it slowing down on them by using a cache plugin. I hope that this information today has inspired you to sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and dig into that blog to spring clean it for amazing results this summer.

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