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20 Easy to Make Weight Watchers Desserts

April 28, 2019

Being on a diet doesn’t mean you must swear off our dessert! I found 20 Easy to Make Weight Watchers Desserts that are delicious and guilt free.

Some of these 20 Easy to Make Weight Watchers Desserts have only one or two points! So despite what the old saying claims, this collection proves it possible to have your cake, brownies, or ice cream and eat it too. And you don’t need to sabotage your diet to satisfy your cravings!

From mini lemon cheesecake tarts to froyo bites, this collection has so many delicious options that are weight watchers friendly! I can’t wait to hear which one you will try first!

Weight Watchers Dessert Ideas

A close up of food on a plate, with Cheese and Lemon

Mini Lemon Cheesecake Tarts

Bite-size desserts are the best! These Mini Lemon Cheesecake Tarts have a delicious trio of flavour with the lemon, cheese and crust. Add a berry for garnish and they grow even more tasty. You can’t beat a 1 point Weight Watchers Dessert either from livelaughrowe.com

Mini Brownie Bites Recipe

They are only 2 POINTS!! And they are so delicious and really take care of my chocolate craving from isavea2z.com

Chocolate Ice Cream

A quick and easy dairy free ice cream that you can make at home?! Count me in, right? from mycrazygoodlife.com

Chocolate Cupcakes

These Weight Watchers Chocolate Cupcakes are only 4 Freestyle SmartPoints each and you won’t miss the fat and calories!! from lifeissweeterbydesign.com

Chocolate Chip Meringue Cookies

If you have a sweet tooth, then these cookies are a perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate from livelaughrowe.com

Lemon Bars Recipe

With this recipe, you can have all that yummy lemon taste and only use 3 points while doing it! from isavea2z.com

Cherry Cheesecake Cups

What better way to show your loved ones your appreciation for them than with cheesecake? Mmm. Specifically, sweet, creamy cheesecake smothered in a gooey cherry topping and individually packaged into neat little individually-portioned cups from emilybites.com

Peanut Butter Whip Frozen Treats

Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Whip Frozen Treats! 1 Point!! from midlifehealthyliving.com

Cheesecake Strawberries

You only need three ingredients to make the recipe, and if you catch strawberries on sale, it is affordable as well from madincrafts.com

Gluten Free Lemon Brownies

These super light gluten free lemon brownies are made in the Weight Watchers style and have just 3 PointsPlus per generous brownie. Tart and sweet! from glutenfreeonashoestring.com

A close up of a slice of cake on a plate, with Pancake and Roo

0 Point Pancakes

These weight watchers 0 point pancakes are almost too good to be true from wellfloured.com

Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes

This recipe for Weight Watchers Mini Chocolate Chip Cheesecakes is awesome and is good enough to take to a party! from lifeissweeterbydesign.com

Instant Pot Cupcakes

These Weight Watchers Instant Pot cupcakes are quick, easy, and delicious. Not to mention they are only 8 SmartPoints per serving! from mycrazygoodlife.com

Berries & Cream Cinnamon Dessert Cups

These cinnamon wonton cups are crazy good. They’re super thin and crispy and pack a ton of cinnamon sugar flavour from emilybites.com

Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream

Try this Weight Watchers dairy free coffee ice cream the next time you have a sweets craving from mycrazygoodlife.com

Lemon Lime Cookie Crisps

These Lemon Lime Cookie Crisps are ultra-thin, packed with flavour and crunchy. Now that’s a winning combination! from livelaughrowe.com

Mini Blueberry Cobbler

Can you believe this delicious treat is only 2 Freestyle points? It’s only a 4 oz. ramekin, but it’s the perfect size to cure your sweet tooth from keepingonpoint.com

Mini Strawberry Galette

This tasty little treat is only 2 Freestyle points! I think it’s a perfect summer dessert since it has fresh strawberries from keepingonpoint.com

Belgian Chocolate Waffles

Brunch just got a whole lot better with these Weight Watchers Friendly Belgian Chocolate Waffles in your life! Because chocolate makes everything better, especially when it’s perfectly acceptable to have it for breakfast! from foodmeanderings.com

Froyo Bites

This is another 0 point snack with Weight Watchers Freestyle! Gotta love fat free Greek yogurt, you can do so many things with from keepingonpoint.com

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