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Winter Gardening: Preparing For A Successful Spring

November 7, 2016

The idea of gardening during the winter months isn’t always welcome. It’s cold and rainy, and the indoors looks much more inviting. However, a little bit of prep and groundwork is all that’s needed for a successful garden year.

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1. The Weather

The UK weather is unreliable at best. So it’s important to be ready at short notice. Pick a fine day that’s not too wet or frosty. The ground will be hard after a frost and hard to dig. Wrap up warm and ensure you have plenty of hot tea or hot chocolate on tap. Get the kids involved and make it fun. It will tempt them away from their electronic devices for a couple of hours.

2. The Lawn

Before winter mow your lawn for one last time. This will cut it back and keep it neat and tidy. After that, there’s not much left to do. Try to stay off the lawn as much as possible. This will provide it with time to restore and replenish.

3. The Greenhouse And The Shed

Give your greenhouse and shed a good clear out. Get rid of old cracked pots and dead plants. Sweep thoroughly and give them a good wash down. Take out all your tools and clean them carefully.

If you don’t already have a greenhouse, now is a good time to establish one before spring. If you’re not great at DIY and building, then installed greenhouses might be the answer. They arrive direct to your garden and are unpacked and installed by an expert.

Get all your seed trays and pots ready for the potting season. Make a list of any items you’re missing.

4. Tidy Up

Have a tidy up at the start of winter. Clear away any rubbish or broken branches. Assess your trees, especially those close to buildings. Consider cutting them back if they pose a risk during storms. Dead-head any late plants and prune back shrubs.

Clean down any outdoor furniture and, if possible, put it away during the winter months. It will last much longer out of the wind, rain, and snow. If it’s not possible to store outdoor furniture, ensure it is fastened down. This will avoid breakages during high winds. Treat wooden furniture to protect it from the elements.

5. Keep On Top Of The Leaves

Fighting the leaves can seem like a never-ending battle during autumn and winter. Keep on top of them as best you can by raking them up and disposing of them. If you don’t already have one, consider setting up a compost bin. It will take care of all your leaves.

6. Plan

Winter is a great time to plan your garden for the year ahead. Gather some catalogues and mark out any seeds that look attractive. Sketch out your garden and create a planting calendar. Don’t forget to plant your bulbs in time for the spring.

There’s nothing like a bracing weekend morning spent tidying the garden and greenhouse. It will set you up for the day. Follow with bacon barms and mugs of hot, steaming tea.

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