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Get Your Neighbours To Go Green With Envy Looking At Your New Garden

December 12, 2017

Well, winter is here once more, and if you’re like me you might just be staring out at your garden longingly, wish you could get your hands dirty. While winter is never the right time to start gardening and sink your hands into the soil, this doesn’t mean you can’t think about what you’re going to do to your garden. We’ve got some great ideas too and ways that you can certainly make your neighbours more than a little jealous.

Let’s start by helping out those people who hate gardening. I’m sure there plenty reading this right now thinking I’m barking up the wrong tree with wishes of gardening through the winter. Well, here’s one possibility for you to consider.

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Get Rid Of Your Grass

If you truly hate gardening, you should think about getting rid of your lawn altogether and instead investing in the artificial grass from companies like Evergreens. Companies like this can provide you with an artificial lawn and do you want to know the best part? It will stay green all year around! That’s right, you’ll never wake up one morning and find that it has gone brown due to a particularly hot summer day.

It also won’t look like a soggy mess after the worst the weather can bring. That’s definitely going to make neighbours envious, particularly if they are left wondering how on earth you manage to keep your grass green. After all, the best artificial grass in Laredo looks better than the real deal!

Add A Water Feature

Water features are bold, elegant and stylish, perfect for adding a little more to your curb appeal. You can do this with either a small fountain or something even more impressive. You might want to consider setting up your own with a little DIY work. Don’t worry, it’s not a massive endeavour. You just need to dig a trench, add a pipe and then fill it back in. At the end add a little gathering of rocks and pebbles, and then the water can run over it. It will look rather impressive, that’s for sure.

A close up of a flower on a plant

Add Some Tropical Plants

As well as this you can consider adding some tropical plants to your garden. You just need to make sure that they will grow in your climate and this will bring brand new colours to your garden. You’ll be amazed by how many tropical plants will grow in a garden, even in the rainy world of the UK.

Add A Beautiful Stone Sculpture

Finally, you can think about adding a stone sculpture to your garden. These can add a beautiful little piece of elegance to your garden that is quite similar to a water feature without the maintenance. Water features like fountains need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Sculptures just need to be hosed down on occasion to make sure that the moss doesn’t start to grow.

Use this advice, and you’ll certainly be able to create a beautiful garden to make your neighbours jealous. That’s a guarantee!

A close up of a flower

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