Not quite a domestic goddess

Depending on who you ask about how good my domestic abilities are, will depend on what answer you receive. Personally I’d like to think I’m improving, however Mr Boo might disagree…

Over the twelve years we have been together, I have had a few domestics ‘mishaps’, for example…
Our first Christmas dinner in our flat ended up being sausage, beans and chips after I uncooked the turkey (pink is probably understatement).
After having our new kitchen installed I thought I’d give the sink a good cleaning. So I poured bleach down the sides, left it for a while (probably too long), when I went back it had left marks where the bleach had ran down the sink (and are still there to this day).
I cannot use a manual can opener (and believe me I have tried sooo many), so I have to use an electric one.
I always seem to shrink Mr Boo’s tops (always the ones I like). Now Mr Boo will tell you this is my sub-conscience shrinking them so that I can pinch his clothes.

I always forget to bring my washing in off the line and it can stay out there for a week without me noticing, usually remembering when I’m looking for a certain item that happens to be hanging out there

Please tell me I’m not alone or are you all mini Nigella Lawson’s?

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