What a difference a snip can make

June 9, 2012

Usually when I go to get Roo’s haircut the hairdresser sprays her hair with water, a few snips later, I pay and we are finished. Not today though…

Whilst out and about today I thought I’d get her haircut and popped into the saloon that I usually get my haircut. Luckily the queue wasn’t too long so we decided to wait.

We were called through in less than 10 minutes, the hairdresser asked me what I wanted done. I explained that she hadn’t had her hair cut for quite a while so would prefer quite a chunk cut off, approx shoulder length.

I expected the hairdresser to simply spray her hair and snip, snip but instead she asked Roo if she would like her hair washed. Roo accepted and off they went, as the wash stations are on the first floor I wasn’t able to take her as I had Tigger in the pushchair. Roo said she was happy to go by herself, so grown up. I could see her from the bottom of the stairs and she never cried whilst the junior washed and shampoo’d her hair.

Due to limited space I couldn’t stay with her whilst having her haircut, although I could see her from the seating area. She sat so still and patiently whilst her hair was first cut, then blow dried and finally straightened.

I was so proud of her, she acted so grown up. When I explained this to her she asked if she could have a treat, when I asked what she would like… the answer?? A lollipop, she’s a cheap date!

Boo xxx

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