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June 12, 2012

When I fell pregnant with Roo, one of my work friends was also expecting her first child. She often talked about her plans for her child and how she was going to bring them up.

One of these plans was to prepare, cook and freeze meals so that she could simply defrost, reheat and serve. When I heard her talk of these plans I thought to myself ‘when will she have time to do that?‘. Needless to say, her grand plans faded as the reality of motherhood took hold.

A little boy sitting at a table eating food

Personally, I chose to purchase jars/pouches whilst weaning both Roo and Tigger. Although not the most economical choice, the ease and convenience of these products worked for me and my daily juggling with work/childcare.

I have always preferred to buy the jars/pouches in-store rather than online. I always like to see what is in the jars and to give them a little shake. I do like to buy organic where possible. Looking at labels is important, making sure that there are not any nasties hidden there, along with additives etc.

When Roo was weaning pouches were not available and since then they have become a regular part of most supermarkets’ baby food selection. The pouches are so convenient to pop into your changing bag and off you go. There is an option to either squeeze onto a spoon and feed or allow your little one to munch direct from the pouch. With Ella’s kitchen offering a pouch recycling scheme it also allows you to be eco-friendly too.

I have never been able to get on with the Heinz cans, partly because I can not see what I’m buying. Also upon opening the food is generally in one lump, which needs to broken up with a fork before heating, it reminds me of dishing up dog food… not nice.

After my children have finished their main meal I have almost always offered them either a yoghurt or some chopped-up fruit as a dessert. Occasionally Roo will be offered ice cream or a slice of cake, however, I would not think to offer Tigger anything like that yet. Part of me thinks that this is due to his age but then maybe I am trying to keep his future sweet tooth at bay until absolutely necessary.

Please share your comments on feeding children…

  • How do you shop for kids food? 
  • What are your priorities? 
  • What do you worry about? 
  • What do you look for? 
  • What are the most important things to you when it comes to kids and nutrition? 
  • Which brands get it right? 
  • What do brands do/say that annoy you? 
  • Where do treats and puddings fit in? What are the challenges there? 
  • AND….what do your kids say/think?! Do they comment on their diet? Do they ask for certain things? Do they know about nutrition?

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