REVIEW: Woolly Mammoth – Club Badge

September 9, 2012

Roo loves her crafts and on her school report her teacher had written that when given free time Roo would often choose to do Arts & Crafts. So when Woolly Mammoth asked if Roo would like to try out one of their craft kits I knew she would love it.

A drawing of a face

We were sent the club badge kit – a great starter pack to wet your appetite for the following packs available either via subscription or a one-off purchase.

Pack contents

Balls of coloured wool
2x badge pins
Wibbly wobbly eyes
Card stencils
Foam sheets
Pipe cleaners
Pom poms

Additional items

Scissors (adult and child safe)
Felt tip pens
A plate to sprinkle glitter on
PVA glue or double sided tape

Step 1
Cut out the shapes on the card. Choose some shapes to make your Woolly badge. Draw around them on the foam and cut them out.

A close up of a cardA person holding a baby

Step 2
Using the PVA glue or tape, stick the shapes together to form your own Woolly Mammoth. Don’t worry if you can see the glue as it will dry clear.

Step 3
Using plenty of glue, stick wool and/or glitter on to the body. Cut out tusks from the white foam, a nose and ears from the coloured foam and stick down with more glue.

A small child
Step 4
Turn the badge over and out a big blob of glue in the centre. Push the badge pin into the blob and leave to dry.

A close up of a device

Step 5
You can use the other bits to make a friend for Woolly – maybe a parrot or a lion with a woolly mane. Attach the badge pin as before. Try to be patient and leave the badge to dry.
Now you are in the Woolly Mammoth club!

A little girl sitting on a table

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts

Roo had so much fun making her own Woolly Mammoth, she especially liked the funky wobbly eyes that were included in the pack. I found that there is probably enough materials included to make at least 3 badges and if you were creative enough you could probably squeeze a 4th!


Monthly Subscription – £9.90 per month
Includes: 2x kits per month, delivered to your door, cancel at anytime
*If you sign up mid-month it will be likely that you will only get one craft for that month. You will still get the same amount of craft packs, but your subscription will just finish mid month as well.

One-off Purchase – £9.90

More Info

A drawing of a face
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I received the Woolly Mammoth club badge kit FOC in order to complete this review.

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