Changing Faces Week Thirty-Two {2015}

It’s been a funny sort of week, a mixture of getting things ready at home for our upcoming renovations, packing for the children to go and stay with Granny for two weeks and trying to enjoy some time together visiting local attractions.


Changing Faces Week Thirty-Two {2015} - Roo

  • Signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge via our local library
  • Has been getting her craft on this week making beaded bracelets and toilet roll monsters
  • Helping me get everything ready for their stay with Granny


Changing Faces Week Thirty-Two {2015} - Tigger

  • Has been enjoying playing snakes and ladders (especially when I keep landing on all the snakes!)
  • Becoming more adventurous when it comes to climbing and going down slides (with a helping hand from Roo)
  • Excited to be heading up to see Granny (and her dog Gwen)

Have your children been up to anything exciting this week?


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