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Planning for a new home

January 15, 2016

For a number of years Mr Boo and I have talked about moving home and for one reason or another we have always delayed the move. This year is the year that we are really hoping to move home. We have finished off our recent renovations and with almost every room transformed since we moved in (apart from the staircase but the heights involved has always put is off), so we hope that the house is a better selling condition than when we bought it some 10 years ago.

A laptop computer sitting on top of a table

Planning for a new home

With hopes of moving home we have started planning for a new home. We want to be closer to Mr Boo’s work, hopefully cutting down his commute everyday allowing him to see the children each day (which currently is only in the morning for around an hour). We want to live in the city to be close to all the amenities and entertainment whilst still being able to get onto the major roads to head off on family adventures. Most of all we want a bigger family home that will accommodate our growing family and a garden… it must have a garden!

New home wish list

We’ve made a little wish list for our new home for when we finally sell our current property and start to look for somewhere new to live:


A house in the backgroundA garden is on our must-have list. After almost 10 years of having a small yard which we tried to make the best of by having it fully decked so that the children had a level, clean area to play on, it is still very small and not made for a family. We really want some good outside space for the children – especially as we won’t be five minutes walk from the beach.

Roo wants somewhere she can ride her bikes, Tigger wants to be able to play football with Daddy whilst I have been looking at playhouses for girls for little Piglet – I can remember having a Wendy House when I was a girl and would love to have a playhouse for the children in the garden.


Having lived with a small galley kitchen which involves you having to squeeze in against the countertop to allow someone else to past we’d love a bigger family kitchen. One which we can bake and cook as a family, one where the kids can be finishing off their homework etc at the table as I prepare their tea or empty the washing machine etc.

A bedroom with a bed in a roomBedrooms

In an ideal world we would like four bedrooms so that the children can have their own rooms – not essential as Roo and Piglet could share but with a nine-year age gap I’m not sure how well they would get on sharing in a few years when Roo is a teenager and Piglet is a pre-schooler.

Mr Boo would love an en-suite for our room although to be fair a bathroom that is upstairs would be fine for me as I’m sick of having to go downstairs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.


Whilst we are pretty lucky where we live at the moment that there is ample parking (we’re opposite an old graveyard), our neighbours and their visitors however love to park outside our house. Why they can’t park across the road is beyond me which forces us to park elsewhere and with a newborn it isn’t ideal so a driveway would be amazing.

Home Office

With the prospect of being made redundant this year I have been looking into how I can work from home rather than putting Piglet into childcare and juggling school runs, activities and child sickness around standard working hours.

A home office would be fantastic and with the ability to keep all my blog bits etc. in one room would really make Mr Boo happy as I tend to have boxes, pens and paperwork wherever I have been perched working on my blog. Also I’m hoping that a home office would make me more productive too (a girl can hope). We also found that WhatShed.co.uk also have plenty of large buildings that could also be used as outdoor home offices which I love the idea of it being separate from the house so I can feel as though I’m going to work.

We don’t want much, do we?
The garden is out must-have, everything else would be a bonus

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