Ways you can reduce your carbon footprint #HowMuchCO2

June 5, 2019

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There is no doubt that our planet is getting warmer and causing extreme weather that is getting worse every year. Many people believe this is an effect of global warmer. Whether you believe that or not, everyone agrees it is important to take care of the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. Taking care of the planet leaves a better place to live for our children and we can all agree that is one of the most important things we can do.

How you can reduce your carbon footprint

There are many simple ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint. Many of these ways are things you might not think about but can make a large impact:

Reusable Water Bottles

Try to use a reusable water bottle whenever you can. Plastic water bottles are expensive, it costs money and oil to produce the plastic and then it has to be shipped to where it goes. Often times, the plastic bottles end up in the landfills, or worse yet, in our oceans. This is affecting the amount of garbage and rubbish on the planet, it affects the animals in the ocean and has been shown to have killed some of the biggest animals in the ocean. Simply using a reusable water bottle whenever you can will have a major effect. It will save you money, save the amount of plastic being produced and will prevent more plastic from going into the ocean or landfills. Whenever you do find yourself using bottled water, remember to recycle all of the plastic bottles.


Did you know that even when the TV, toaster or phone cord are turned off that they are still using electricity? Even if the power is off, these cords are still pulling power and using electricity. Whenever you are not using anything that needs to be plugged into the wall, the best thing to do is completely unplug it. This will lower your power bill and it will also reduce your carbon footprint with almost no effort on your part. Something so simple can create a chain event that helps to save the planet. While it doesn’t seem like much, it is these simple things that can a difference.

Home Update

Not only can these home updates save you money, but it will also help your carbon footprint. Things, like adding new weatherproof windows, or using weather stripping to seal the windows and door, can make an impact. These things will not only help reduce the amount you are paying for heating and cooling, but it will also require less energy, oil, gas or electric, in order to heat or cool the home. If the furnace or boiler in your home is getting older, it is important to think about replacing it for cleaner burning, more fuel efficient model. Viessmann understands that your carbon footprint can be lowered with simple things, and they want to help. They have shared more ways to reduce your carbon footprint as well as offer ways to help make your home more fuel efficient.

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Reducing the carbon footprint we are leaving behind is important. Not only for our children but for all the children that will come after them.

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