Easter Holidays 2014 – Day Five

April 16, 2014

Today was a day for looking after all three of my babies, Roo, Tigger and Mr Boo.

As it was Mr Boo’s day off today I managed to get some time one on one with Roo, we had seen a leaflet in our local  library a week or so ago about an Easter holidays session there were holding. Today was the day for that session, so we headed off to see what they had in store for us…

The session started with two stories, Peter Rabbit and the Egg Hunt – a charming book that had all the kiddies up and looking for eggs under the lift up flaps. It was the followed by The Odd Egg, it was not a story I was familiar with but Roo was. It follows duck who finds an egg and decides to try and get it to hatch, it’s quite a fun and interactive book.

Afterwards there was a selection of Easter crafts available, from making Easter bunny masks, colouring eggs and making flowers. Roo and I started by colouring egg pictures that were to be included in the library Easter display, I do love a spot of colouring. Once we had coloured an egg or to we decided to make an Easter bunny mask.

Easter Holidays 2014 - Library Crafts

Once we were finished in the library we headed over to the Time and Tide Museum to complete there Easter trail. Roo knows the museum like the back of her hand so armed with the quiz she quickly navigated her way around it answering all the questions. Needing to pop to the supermarket we grabbed some essentials and headed home.

It was once that we were at home did Tigger’s tiredness from the day before take hold. With a high temperature, not wanting to eat or drink and favouring cuddles above anything else it was time to get him to see a doctor. Thankfully my GP practice is quite good in that you can usually get to see a doctor on the day (albeit not our family GP but they are all good). Whilst his throat looked a little red the doctor wasn’t too worried and sent us away with the usual promote drinking and regular Calpol etc.

On Wednesday evenings Mr Boo goes to play football with the lads from his work, however when he returned he’d taken a tackle and managed to skin his knee and part of his shin… Time to play nursemaid, so out came the first aid box and germolene (is it just me that loves the smell? It’s so clinical, I just love it).

With Mr Boo bandaged up and Tigger sleeping for now I’m hoping for a relatively good nights sleep.

What did you get up to today?

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