7 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

7 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

December 14, 2022


Bedrooms should be places you go to sleep, but they should also be sanctuaries. How you feel in them ought to be different from any other room in the house. 

Ideally, you want them to be meditative spaces. While all other rooms insist on action, bedrooms should focus exclusively on emptying the mind and returning it to the source. 

But what, exactly, should you do to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary? Let’s take a look. 

Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

7 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Keep It Tidy

First, work on keeping your bedroom as tidy as possible. Don’t let clutter accumulate or get in the way. You don’t want to wake up every morning to piles of mess in the corner. 

Messy, cluttered bedrooms have a bigger effect on your mind than you might imagine. While it’s convenient not to bother cleaning up, it can have a tremendous impact on how you feel. Laundry all over the floor makes you feel stressed and can even affect your emotions when you close your eyes. 

Here are some ways you can tidy up your bedroom straight away to make yourself feel better: 

  • Wipe down all surfaces so that they’re clean
  • Put away dirty clothes from the drawer the day before
  • Clear away the clutter on your nightstand
  • Remove anything from your bedroom that would be better off in the shed
  • Put all your clothes in your drawers and make your bed

Use Essential Oils

Next, make sure that your bedroom smells the right way, particularly if you live in a polluted city. The fragrance of the room should prepare you for sleep immediately. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of essential oils out there designed specifically for sleep. Lavender is the most famous, but there are many others. 

If you don’t want a diffuser running all night, you can get sleep-inducing pillow sprays. These are efficient and avoid the need to pump mist into your rooms endlessly. 

7 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Paint Your Bedroom Green

Painting your bedroom green sounds a little weird, but science shows that it’s one of the best ways to reduce blood pressure. And that can help you sleep better. 

Green also gives you a sense of tranquillity. It’s the colour of nature and where we evolved as a species. It naturally makes you feel relaxed and calm like you’re back in the forest. 

Even if you don’t notice any improvement in how you feel consciously, that’s okay. Green affects the mind unconsciously, which is great when you want to get a good night’s sleep

Upgrade Your Sheets

Investing in quality materials can make a tremendous difference in how your bedroom feels. Having cotton Percale sheets instead of standard varieties can improve comfort. 

The average person spends more than 230,000 hours sleeping in their lifetime. Therefore, it’s critical to invest in luxurious fabrics that let you doze off peacefully. 

There’s a big difference between artisan fabrics and those that come off factory production lines. The comfort you get from the former is usually superior to the latter. 

You don’t have to opt for silk bedding for the best experience, either. There are plenty of other soft sheet materials out there. 

Get The Temperature Right

Next, focus on getting the temperature right. Make sure that you have enough heat to stay warm but not so much that you’re tossing and turning all night long. 

Most people should sleep in bedrooms somewhere between 16°C and 18°C, however, you may benefit from going colder than this. The temperature under the duvet should be around 29°C, which experts consider “thermo-neutral.” Here, your body is losing heat just as fast as it is gaining it. 

If you’re too hot at night, you won’t sleep as deeply. And if you’re too cold, you may struggle to sleep at all. Keep adjusting your bed sheets until you get the balance right. 

7 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sanctuary

Give Your Bedroom Extra Ventilation

Overheating at night can occur easily if you don’t have enough ventilation in your bedroom. However, most people sleep in rooms where stagnant air lingers. 

To prevent this, set up fans or air conditioning systems in your room. If it’s a warm night, open the window slightly to let the old air out. 

If you can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the bedroom atmosphere, it improves sleep quality. During the year, including the winter months, having extra circulation should improve sleep quality and make you feel better overall. 

Add A Cosy Bed 

Lastly, if you’re still struggling to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary, add a cosy bed. Having somewhere supremely comfortable to go at night can make a tremendous difference in how you feel come the next morning. 

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