Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet

We all have those family recipes that are passed down through the generations. The ones that we make time and time again, not only because they are delicious but because you know that they are a sure-fire hit with everyone. The thing with family recipes that they are fantastic to make and consume, however, they do tend to stay within families. Why shouldn’t we be showcasing them to a wider audience to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy your amazing winter warming soup, your no-fuss cheesecake recipe or how to get the perfect roast potatoes every time?

In order to help us start sharing our family recipes and in turn increase our own go to recipe repertoire. Mumsnet has been asking mumsnetters to see what recipes they love, which ones have been passed down the family tree and which ones they think that everyone should make. From this the Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet book was created.

Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet

The family recipe book from Mumsnet features 120 recipes from mumsnetters. Covering a whole spectrum of dishes from breakfast, packed lunches, Sunday lunch through to cooking with children and baking.

Each of the 12 sections included in the book features 10 mouthwatering recipes suggestions for you to try. The difficulty being which one to make first. Whilst I would love to say that we opted to try out one of the slow cooking recipes in order to save my slow cooker from only being used for pulled pork. Or maybe a delicious warming soup for lunch on these cold blustery days… Sorry but no, I flicked passed these recipes and headed to cooking with children and the baking treats.

It’s a bit of a running joke between Mr Boo and I that I can’t cook but I can make you a cake or biscuit. After spending my childhood in the kitchen with either my Mam or my Granny I can whip you up a batch of krispy treat cake but just don’t ask me to prepare a full on roast dinner. Although I would like to think my cooking talents have improved over the years, my heart still does prefer the baking side of things.

Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet // One pot fruity buns

When it comes to baking with the children I am always on the lookout for ways in which they can really get involved. Whilst they can stir a mixture etc. it’s not necessarily getting them truly involved with the process. The one-pot fruity buns recipe included in the Top Bananas! recipe book was perfect and something that Roo and Tigger could complete between them whilst I tended to the Nutella fudge on the hob.

The recipe utilises the small pot that the natural yoghurt comes in to measure out the other ingredients required for the recipe. Making it perfect for getting the kids used to measuring out ingredients and following a simple recipe method.


  • 150g (small pot) of natural yoghurt
  • 1 small yoghurt pot of caster sugar
  • 3 small yoghurt pots of self-raising flour
  • 1 small yoghurt pot of sunflower oil
  • 3 eggs – lightly beaten
  • Finely grated zest of 1 unwaxed lemon
  • 1/2 small yoghurt pot of sultanas (personally, I would add a whole pot)

Makes 24 average size buns or 12 mammoth buns!


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C (fan 160C / Gas Mark 4) and line a fairy cake tray with cases
  2. Pour the natural yoghurt into a bowl. Rinse and dry the pot and use it to measure the caster sugar, flour and oil (in that order) into the bowl.
  3. Add the eggs and mix everything together until you have a light batter, then add the sultanas and lemon zest. Stirring the mixture once again.
  4. Spoon the batter into the cake cases and bake for 15 minutes until gold brown.
  5. Let the cool on a wire rack before munching as an afternoon treat or added to a picnic.

Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet // Where to buy?

The Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet book is available to buy from Amazon in either hardback or Kindle edition.

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Top Bananas! The best ever family recipes from Mumsnet

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  1. Tracy Nixon
    February 15, 2018 / 5:43 pm

    Chicken stew – my mam used to make it when I was little and I make it all the time for me and the kids, especially during the Autumn and Winter. It is quick to prepare and cook and warming and nutritious too!

  2. Ashleigh Allan
    February 15, 2018 / 6:46 pm

    Homemade pizza

  3. iain maciver
    February 15, 2018 / 7:58 pm

    corned beef hash

  4. laura banks
    February 15, 2018 / 8:01 pm

    sausage casserole

  5. john prendergast
    February 15, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    slow cooker pulled pork

    February 15, 2018 / 9:13 pm

    my boys love my shepherds pie 🙂

  7. Sarah Mackay
    February 15, 2018 / 9:18 pm

    We make a lot of breakfast sundaes as a family.

  8. Tracey Peach
    February 15, 2018 / 9:26 pm

    Egg & Cheese Pie! a family favourite from when I was young & Mum used to cook it for us. I still now make it for me

  9. Gayatri Gogoi
    February 15, 2018 / 10:05 pm

    Simple stir fried noodles are always a hit

  10. sarah a
    February 15, 2018 / 10:20 pm

    very random for a 4yr old but she loves pork stroganoff but called Airport food in our house as we had it on a plane to eat and shes loved it ever since

  11. Andrea Smith
    February 15, 2018 / 10:25 pm

    We make cupcakes as these were easy for my kids to make when they were little.

  12. Tracey Belcher
    February 16, 2018 / 6:18 am

    We love Plum Cake – a little like upside down cake but with plums and so moist

  13. Solange
    February 16, 2018 / 8:13 am

    Parmesan Crusted Chicken. The chicken is packed with flavour, and it’s seared quickly to keep the juices inside. Serve with vegetables and rice/potatoes and you’re all set for dinner.

  14. Margaret Gallagher
    February 16, 2018 / 2:09 pm

    Hotpot – lamb its delicious

  15. Hannah Scudder
    February 16, 2018 / 3:33 pm

    Lasagne, everyone loves it.

  16. Leila Benhamida
    February 16, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    Linguinis wiith mushrooms and brown sauce

  17. Laura Pritchard
    February 16, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    My mum’s cottage pie with baked beans!

  18. Annabel Greaves
    February 16, 2018 / 7:50 pm

    We love spaghetti bolognaise x

  19. Helen Tovell
    February 16, 2018 / 8:02 pm

    Quiche as my daughter first made it at school, loved it and has continued to make it

  20. Karen Barrett
    February 16, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    My homemade meat and potato pie

  21. Chrissy Harris
    February 17, 2018 / 7:13 am

    My mum taught me to make pork schnitzel and this is now our little boys favourite just as it was mine when I was little

  22. February 17, 2018 / 11:01 am

    It’s a mild, fruity chicken curry dish, nothing authentic about it at all but it’s easy and delicious and the whole family love it.

  23. Lynn Neal
    February 17, 2018 / 2:01 pm

    Banana cake and flapjacks!

  24. Jade Hewlett
    February 17, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    My gran makes a great cottage pie which we all love

  25. jo liddement
    February 17, 2018 / 4:48 pm

    I make a great vegetable curry

  26. Laura Pritchard
    February 17, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    My mum’s Chocolate Crunch!

  27. Susie Wilkinson
    February 17, 2018 / 7:18 pm

    My partner has the best lunch dish ever, chicken, prosciutto and madeira wine………….on toast!

  28. Carole Nott
    February 17, 2018 / 8:12 pm

    Love baking – and my favourite recipe is coffee cake

  29. Sharon Lou Johnson
    February 18, 2018 / 4:52 am

    to be honest its Tatty Ash and thats because i am a single mum off 3 going to be 4 soon as adopting a baby but i am the most rubbish cook you have every seen!! and i honestly think the kids are beginning to dislike tatty ash as they have it so much!!

  30. A.E. ADKINS
    February 18, 2018 / 8:50 am

    Spaghetti Carbonara- so easy & quick but delish

  31. Elizabeth Smith
    February 18, 2018 / 10:36 am

    Good old-fashioned rice pudding

  32. Karen Usher
    February 18, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    Rissoles (its an Australian dish) similar to meat balls but 100% better! Infact I’m now going to make them this week!

  33. Angela Treadway
    February 18, 2018 / 8:39 pm

    sausage and bean casserole x

  34. Angela Surgenor
    February 18, 2018 / 9:41 pm

    vegetable korma

  35. Danielle Moore
    February 19, 2018 / 1:53 pm

    We always have lamb hot pot the kids love it

  36. claire croft
    February 19, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    We have vegetable stew and dumplings! yum

  37. Sadiyya Maryam
    February 20, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    My late grandmother’s South African recipe of a cross between a spaghetti pie/shepherds pie. Absolutely delicious and comforting.

  38. chris bull
    February 20, 2018 / 11:17 pm

    Saffron chicken rice, always get asked to make when we have family dinner and have to make extra so they can take some home

  39. Janie-Fleur Matcham
    February 21, 2018 / 12:02 am

    potato salad but not like English Potato salad my mum was Irish my dad American I thing they adapted the recipe. Its a family favourite but quite time consuming to make but I make it every special occasion. I make it with American meat loaf yum

  40. Simone Griffin
    February 21, 2018 / 7:35 am

    We love making cookies and butterfly cakes x

  41. Rich Tyler
    February 21, 2018 / 3:14 pm

    White Chocolate CupCakes

  42. Sally Collingwood
    February 22, 2018 / 2:12 pm

    Lancashire Hotpot

  43. KAtie
    February 23, 2018 / 4:05 pm

    Cheese and potato pie

  44. February 23, 2018 / 4:29 pm

    I love cooking Katsu curry, the kids love it too.

  45. sheri Darby
    February 23, 2018 / 9:17 pm

    Shepherds Pie

  46. Bibi
    February 23, 2018 / 11:00 pm

    Scotch pancakes. Pizza and spag bol are great too as my little one helps then. These three are his favourites.

  47. Danielle Spencer
    February 23, 2018 / 11:37 pm

    Cottage Pie is our favourite.

  48. Marie Leveque
    February 24, 2018 / 4:12 am

    Home made Fish and chips with salads and home bake blueberry muffins are always winners in our home

  49. Laura Walker
    February 24, 2018 / 8:10 am

    Fish pie is always a hit in this house

  50. Ruth Harwood
    February 24, 2018 / 12:25 pm

    I make Lasagne quite a lot!

  51. Emma
    February 24, 2018 / 1:10 pm

    Lasagne is a family favourite 🙂

  52. janine atkin
    February 24, 2018 / 1:24 pm

    chicken schnitzel with fired potatoes

  53. Mel Turner
    February 24, 2018 / 8:44 pm

    Butterfly cakes

  54. Lisa Wilkinson
    February 24, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    Cottage Pie

  55. paula cheadle
    February 24, 2018 / 11:52 pm

    cheese, onion and potato pie

  56. Laura Harrison
    February 25, 2018 / 12:29 am

    Bread and butter pudding xx

  57. Kate Davies
    February 25, 2018 / 2:18 am

    Pulled pork, I cook it in the slow cooker and it does it’s thing while I work and makes the house smell amazing so bonus.

  58. Adrian Bold
    February 25, 2018 / 2:58 am

    Apple and Rhubarb Crumble

  59. Tracy Gladman
    February 25, 2018 / 6:55 am

    My mum’s cheese and tomato pie

  60. Jo Hutchings
    February 25, 2018 / 8:15 am

    Me and my little boy love making banana bread together.

  61. Kim Neville
    February 25, 2018 / 9:32 am

    My chicken korma

  62. Rachael Sexey
    February 25, 2018 / 12:17 pm

    Leek and potato soup

  63. Rachel B
    February 25, 2018 / 1:46 pm

    Beef stew & dumpling. Hearty wholesome and lovely in this cold weather 🙂

  64. Hayley Todd
    February 25, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    The one meal I can always guarantee will mean clean plates from everyone in the family is when I make my Mexican 5-Bean Veggie Chilli with Rice and tortillas.

  65. Tammy Neal
    February 25, 2018 / 6:52 pm

    Homemade pizza x

  66. Sarah Holder
    February 25, 2018 / 7:51 pm

    Crunchie Bar Pudding!!

  67. Diana
    February 25, 2018 / 9:12 pm

    chicken and barley stew

  68. February 25, 2018 / 9:19 pm

    chunky vegetable soup and banana bread 🙂 both are super quick and easy to do and taste great and are healthy too

  69. Rachel Craig
    February 25, 2018 / 9:34 pm

    Macaroni Cheese, as a filling, warming and comforting meal :- Especially in the Winter, and delicious served with a nice crisp, healthy salad. Our family have always used Scottish Cheddar Cheese for the addition to white sauce (home made). Gives a distinctive, delicious flavour.

  70. Natalie Crossan
    February 25, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    Potato & leek soup 😀 xxx

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