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Brand Promotion with T-Shirts: Key Elements to Remember!

February 12, 2018

Have you ever thought about adding some kind of promotional item to your marketing strategy? It is an amazing thought because handing out promo merchandise can spread the word about your business, giving it wings. The more important decision is about which type of promo item will be best for your business.

Have you considered using promotional t-shirts? Adding these to your marketing strategy will help in various ways. People love wearing good t-shirts and they last for a long time. As you decide on using t-shirts for promotional marketing, you need to take care of certain elements.

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Add on the promotional t-shirt and you can be sure that potential customers will turn into loyal ones. Would you not want better customer retention? Well, if you take care of some aspects, then you can be sure of both retention and conversion. Here are the aspects:

1. Quality

T-shirts are one of the most important and popular form of promotional products. So, when you decide on using t-shirts as a part of your marketing campaign you will need to make sure that the quality of the t-shirt is top-notch. It has to be the most stylish t-shirt and not just any low-cost garment. Would you really want your brand to be associated with low quality promo items? Your customers might not know the thread count, but they will definitely know whether it feels good to wear or not. A low cost tee usually means a low quality tee. So, you have to make sure that, when you give away a tee with your brand’s name on it, it has to be top quality.

2. Design

Have you heard about mobile billboards? Well, adding a promotional item to your marketing strategy is exactly that. When your customers wear your brand’s name and logo in the form of the tees, it will help spread the word. Just remember that a tee will never come out of anybody’s wardrobe if it does not look good and feel good. With good quality, you have the feel-good part covered, but what about the look good? You will have to design the tee in such a way that it does not look like a blatant form of advertisement. It should also have a fashionable look and fit in with the latest designs. This will help ensure that they are part of your customer’s regular wardrobe, which ultimately means that you get good publicity as they wear it on a regular basis.

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3. Size

In any kind of clothes, size is an important factor. As you make tees a part of your promotional campaign, make sure to add on different sized tees. This will help you at the handouts because it can never be possible that all your customers wear the same size t-shirt. Integrate a large variety of sizes in your promotional marketing strategy, so that you are not stuck when your customers ask for a t-shirt of their size.

4. Style

Did you know that style of the t-shirt can vary? There are V-necked and round necked t-shirts, just to name some. So, you will also need to decide, which style if tee to add to your list of promotional items. You could also go ahead and add both for a larger variety of styles. This will help your customers feel that you care about their preferences because some like V-necked while others may like round necked.

Now, that you have seen that adding t-shirts to your promotional ad campaign has so many aspects to be taken care of, you might feel alarmed. Do not be, because there are numerous agencies around your location ready to help. They have dedicated teams who will take care of it all. All you need to do is sit back and see your brand name and logo reach numerous people, helping improve your business.

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