Estimating the Cost To Furnish a One Bedroom Apartment

Estimating the Cost To Furnish a One Bedroom Apartment

November 27, 2023


You’re ready to move into your own apartment and leave your parent’s house. You’ve put in your security deposit and first month’s rent. Now, the only financial hurdle you have left to overcome is buying furniture. 

How much does it cost to furnish a one-bedroom apartment? That depends on how much wiggle room you allow for splurging. Some go all out on the essentials, while others attempt to set a strict budget every step of the way. 

Continue reading to learn how much you can expect to spend on your furniture costs, along with a few simple saving tips. 

The Essentials

The first thing you need to budget for is your essentials. These items are your bed/mattress, armoires & wardrobes, sofa, and dining room set.

If you’re relocating for work, you may want to have a home office set up. If this is the case, add a desk and computer chair to your essentials list. 

On average, you’ll most likely spend around $5,000 on everything. You may be able to get away with spending a little less if you opt for an apartment that comes with a dining room set. 

Estimating the Cost To Furnish a One Bedroom Apartment

The Basics

While the essentials will get you by, you need things such as dressers and bookshelves to prevent your apartment from looking too barren.

Take a look at TV rentals which can save you money on the initial outlay of big electrical devices. Once you have a TV, you’ll need a stand to put it on. You can put your television on the floor, but if the flooring in your apartment is carpeted, it will be off-balance at all times. 

Depending on the lighting in your apartment, lamps may be a nice touch. Sprucing up your storage areas with extra shelving couldn’t hurt either. Depending on the number of things you get, you could spend anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000. 


The extras are less of a priority than shelving and essentials like the couch. However, that doesn’t make them any less important. 

Bringing plants into your space will liven things up and improve the air quality. Having an area rug in your bedroom will save you from putting your feet on cold wooden floors every morning. They can also bring a special touch to your living room. 

Art pieces on the wall will turn your barren one-bedroom apartment into a space all your own. A coffee table in the living room will act as your most functional decorative centerpiece.

The price of these items will depend on how much you splurge. You could easily spend $2,000 if you get too carried away. 

Where to Splurge

Speaking of splurging, it’s okay to go big on a few items if you have the budget for it. When deciding where to splurge, consider how often you’re going to use the item in question. 

For example, you may want to spend extra money on a comfortable mattress. If you like to have guests over, a comfortable couch that folds out into a bed might be something that would be useful to you. 

If you’re someone who loves to keep up with trends, think about how long the item will be in style before you buy it. You may end up replacing it before you get any use out of it otherwise. 

Estimating the Cost To Furnish a One Bedroom Apartment

How to Save Money on Furniture

If some of these numbers have your jaw dropping to the floor, don’t worry. There are ways you can save money on furnishing your one-bedroom apartment. Here are a few tried and true methods that work. 


Before you invest in a bunch of furniture for your apartment, take the time to measure your floor space. You don’t want to splurge on a new couch only to discover that it doesn’t fit in your living room. 

Depending on the store’s return policy, you may not be able to get back all the money you spent on it. 

Don’t Overbuy

When you’re shopping around, don’t let your eyes become bigger than your wallet.

You don’t need a fancy living room set for your apartment. A sofa and one or two chairs will suit your needs.

The same goes for your bedroom. While having a queen-sized bed would be nice, do you realistically have the space to warrant getting one? 

Research Your Options

Research multiple store fronts to find the one with the lowest possible prices. 

Prices aren’t the only thing you should evaluate. You should also consider features. If getting a loveseat with a built-in phone charger won’t bring value to your living room, you don’t need it. 

Visit a Thrift Store

There is nothing wrong with going to a thrift store. You can find amazing deals on furniture for your apartment. In some cases, you can find brand-name pieces for a fraction of the cost that you would normally spend. 

You can also visit garage sales on the weekend to haggle with sellers or reach out to community groups and online marketplaces.

Flea markets often house hidden furnishing gems. Craigslist and thrifting apps are amazing sources for cheap finds as well. 

Estimating the Cost To Furnish a One Bedroom Apartment

Track Your Spending

As stated above, it’s easy to get carried away when shopping around for furniture. You keep adding items to your cart without realizing how much you’re spending. 

Google Sheets or Excel can help you stay on track. Make a spreadsheet to document every item you buy. When your spending habits are laid out in front of you, you’re less likely to go overboard. 

Reach Out to Family and Friends 

Tell your family and friends that you’re looking for furniture. They’ll inform you when they see pieces that they think you’d love. 

They’re also liable to reach out to you when they find a deal or decide to pass along furniture that they no longer want. 

What’s the Cost to Furnish a One-Bedroom Apartment?

No matter if you’re leaving your parent’s home or relocating for work, the hardest part of moving is buying furniture. The cost to furnish a one-bedroom apartment can be pretty expensive, depending on how much you need. 

We hope that you’re able to use this guide to save money on your tables and couches. For more apartment living tips, explore the rest of our blog. 

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