The Ultimate Guide to Carpet and Rugs

The Ultimate Guide to Carpet and Rugs

January 6, 2022

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It doesn’t matter whether you own or rent a property, at some point you are going to want to add your own personal flourish. There is no better, or more practical way to do this than by adding a carpet or rug to the space.

However, not all carpets and rugs are created equal! It’s important to understand why some cost significantly more than others, and why that usually makes them a good investment. 

It should be noted that a rug is effectively a small carpet. The biggest difference between the two is that the carpet is fixed in place, you can’t simply lift it and move it somewhere else. In contrast, rugs aren’t attached and can be picked up and moved.

This makes the right rug, such as this selection of peach rugs from Miss Amara, the perfect way to brighten a room, improve the décor, and add your own personal taste, with very little effort. 

Choosing Between Carpets & Rugs

Carpets are large enough to fill an entire room. That means the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to cover the entire floor space in your room or just part of it. If the answer is the latter then you should be looking at rugs.

A rug is a great way to frame a room. For example, it can be central with all the furniture around it, giving balance and focus to the space. Equally, the furniture can sit on the rug, helping to make the room feel cosy.

The Ultimate Guide to Carpet and Rugs

Depth Of Carpets & Rugs

Carpets and rugs are effectively weaved in the same manner. The better the quality of the rug the deeper and plusher the piles will be. In other words, it will feel softer to walk on. Of course, this means the price increases. But, it is worth pushing your budget. There is nothing like burying your feet into a soft rug!

Consider Traffic

The softest rugs with the deepest piles are fantastic. However, they are not the best option if you have a lot of traffic. The more the rug or carpet is walked over the tougher it needs to be to ensure it lasts. That means going for shorter piles. 

You may even wish to think about the colour careful. While a colourful rug or carpet can brighten and enliven a space, it is harder to keep clean. That’s worth noting when choosing a carpet or rug in a high-traffic area.

Material Options

Rugs and carpets can be made from a variety of materials. The most common are wool and cotton. But, you’ll find an array of alternate options which are potentially more friendly to the environment. This includes rugs and carpets made from seagrass, jute, and even sisal. Of course, if you need durability and prefer synthetic materials then nylon is the obvious choice.

The Ultimate Guide to Carpet and Rugs

Don’t forget, rugs and carpets can be expensive. Before you go shopping it is worth taking a moment to consider your budget. Once you have set an amount stay within that budget.

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