The Truth About Tooth Decay And Whether It Can Be Reversed?

The Truth About Tooth Decay And Whether It Can Be Reversed?

January 19, 2022

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Teeth are under attack every day and multiple times per day. Every time you eat something the sugar in the food reacts to the bacteria in your mouth. The side-effect of this is acid which attacks the enamel on your teeth. 

Fortunately, saliva is a natural defence against this. But, if you don’t brush your teeth twice a day and floss it is possible that food debris will remain stuck between your teeth. This will cause plaque which slowly hardens on your teeth and becomes tartar.

The bacteria in the tartar will continue to attack your teeth and gums. Both the tartar and the acid can damage your teeth, effectively causing tooth decay.

That’s why it is so important that you visit the dentist frequently. If you don’t currently have a dentist then this dentist Ballan is worth talking to. This will allow them to inspect your teeth and spot any issues early. If they are left you are likely to develop cavities.

Repairing Tooth Decay

It is important to note that there are different stages of tooth decay. The early stage of tooth decay is the loss of minerals in the enamel coating. This will appear as a white spot on your tooth. At this stage, the tooth can heal itself. You will need to supply the enamel with the minerals it needs to repair itself.

Essential minerals are found in saliva. However, you can supplement these with fluoride which is usually found in toothpaste. Administer this daily, brush the area gently twice a day, and floss between your teeth. This will allow the enamel to heal and prevent the tooth decay from getting worse.

Fluoride isn’t just found in toothpaste, it’s in the water supply, some mouthwashes, and can be purchased in tablet form or as a gel.

You should note that once the enamel has been destroyed the bacteria are free to move inside the tooth and you can no longer heal the enamel. At this stage, the best option is to get the cavity cleaned and filled as soon as possible.

The Truth About Tooth Decay And Whether It Can Be Reversed?

Preventing Tooth Decay

Of course, it is better to prevent tooth decay from even starting if possible. The most effective way to do this is to brush for two minutes twice a day and floss afterwards.

You should also cut back on snacks, especially sugar ones. The more sugar you eat the greater the acid generation and the more likely it is that you’ll develop cavities. They should only be eaten with a meal or on a special occasion. Don’t forget, most fruit juices are full of sugar. 

Alongside this, you need to make sure children don’t eat or drink after they have done their teeth. This should be the last thing they do before bed as it helps to give their teeth time to heal. 

If you feel your child is struggling with brushing then you can talk to your dentist about sealants. These are applied to the teeth and create a barrier to keep bacteria, acid, and food debris away from the teeth, protecting them from harm. 

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