A plate of food and a cup of coffee, with Sugar and Health

Sweetening the Sugar Switch – 10 ways you can make sugar swaps

March 7, 2018

We all love a little sweetness to sweeten our day and make things taste a little more luxurious and enhance its flavour. Sometimes though it can be hard if you are trying to take a healthy outlook on life and cut down on your sugar intake.

Sugar really is everywhere and it’s sometimes hard to avoid it. There are lots of different sources of sugar which we sometimes don’t even think about. One of the biggest sources of sugar in our diet, however, is sugary drinks which are linked to a huge increase in calorie consumption and ultimately also an increase in type 2 diabetes and dental decay.

The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has coined the term “free sugars” to highlight those sugars which should be limited. These include mono and disaccharides and are added during cooking or processing of foods. As such the government has recommended a reduction in sugar consumption from 10% to 5% of daily calorie intake in order to guard against diabetes, dental decay and obesity. So if you’re trying to reduce your intake of sugar so you can improve your health and reduce your percentage calorie intake of sugar, use some of the following tips to help you sweeten the switch!

10 ways you can make sugar swaps

A plate of food and a cup of coffee, with Sugar and Health
Make your own muesli bars – perfect for snack time or popping in lunchboxes


If you want a satisfying healthy treat which is low in sugar, then why not try this. You’re your usual high-calorie high sugar yoghurt treat with a low-fat natural yoghurt and add some gorgeous fresh fruit and for an added sugar hit stir in a few drops of Hermesetas liquid.

Let them eat Cake

Got a special occasion coming up, want to eat cake? Well, now you can eat a low sugar version. Make your own delicious Victoria sponge cake but instead of using sugar why not substitute some or all of your sugar with Hermesetas Granulated for a great healthy sugar replacement. You’ll not even notice the difference and you’ll still be able to enjoy a cheat free day with delicious cakes and buns which taste just as indulgent.

Stewed fruit

Stewing fruit is a great way to change its flavour and make it more intense. However, even if the fruit is ripe it can often be too bitter to eat without some sweetness. So instead of turning to granulated sugar, why not try some liquid Hermesetas which can take the edge of the tartness of any fruit and just make it that bit more sweet and mellow. You’ll have all the flavour and none of the additional sugar calories.

A bowl of fruit on a table, with Health and Nutrition


If you love an indulgent dessert and don’t want to give it up, you can still enjoy a fruit crumble by choosing your fruit carefully. Blueberries and blackberries add amazing flavour and need only a little sweetness. If you add some apple in it can help to balance the acidity levels and you can then replace some of the sugar with a liquid or granulated sugar substitute like Hermesetas.

Breakfast like a king

If you love cereals and porridge, but can’t forgo a little sugar sprinkled on them. swap the sugar for some granulated Hermesetas and add some sweet berries like blueberries or raspberries to add some interest and vitamin C.


If you like a drink you can save on calories by choosing sugar-free or low-calorie mixers. Vodka and diet mixer is significantly less high in calories and sugar than standard mixers.


Try some sparkling water with some lemon slices to add some flavour and none of the calories. Or if you prefer you can use some diluting juice or low-calorie cordials for a refreshing but low sugar drink. Your smile will thank you for it.

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Fruity treats

If you’re packing a lunch box for work or school, make sure you add some fresh fruit. This will give a healthy treat which is going to cut down on the sugar intake that you might have if you chose chocolate or sugary snacks.

Low fat, high in sugar?

Beware of healthy low-fat snacks, they can be high in sugar and high in calories if they’re low in fat. Some like yoghurts may be low fat but make up for it in the amount of sugar that they contain, so are best avoided. Also, things like breakfast cereals can be surprisingly high in sugars so it’s worthwhile reading the labels and choosing a lower sugar alternative.

Low sugar granola bars

Make your own granola bars. Granola can be quite high in sugar. Some varieties do substitute honey, but this is still considered free sugar and is often very calorific and bad for your teeth as its so sticky. So, why not make your own granola and granola bars to take to school or work and replace some of the sugar and honey with some granulated or liquid hermesetas. You can add some healthy seeds and nuts to make a satisfying sugar free treat and add some sultanas and other dried fruit like cranberries. Deliciously low in sugar.

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