Do braces have negative effects?

Do braces have negative effects?

December 6, 2021

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If you’re contemplating having braces, there are a variety of factors to consider. If you are concerned about whether or not this kind of therapy has dangerous side effects, you should consult with your doctor. So, do braces have negative effects?

As with many other areas in dentistry, orthodontic treatment has the potential to have negative side effects as a result of the procedures that are carried out. These side effects might be attributed to either the patient or perhaps the healthcare professional. A few of these side effects, including root resorption, are not entirely known, while others such as mild discomfort, jaw pain are the common ones. Before beginning therapy, it is crucial to take into account adverse outcomes,

The common effects of braces

Do braces have negative effects?

The following are some of the most common adverse effects that you may experience while wearing braces, all of which are readily addressed.

Mild Discomfort

According to a dentist in Coventry, Braces may cause some pain, which is completely normal and must be anticipated. As a result of the fact that braces function by physically pushing your teeth into perfect alignment, pain is almost always a side effect. There are two main manifestations of this: it might be centred on your gums or appear as migraines.

Acetaminophen as well as ibuprofen, which are available over-the-counter, may assist the majority of individuals to ease any stress or discomfort they are experiencing. If your migraines or aches become significantly worse over time, you should see your dental professional, since it might be a symptom of something else going on at your place of employment.


It is likely that the wire as well as the bracket that is used to make your braces is so unfamiliar to you and therefore, may require a lot of time for you to get used to it. 

You may have some moderate discomfort throughout this period, so be prepared. Fortunately, a wide variety of treatments are available whose main aim is to alleviate discomfort, with dental wax being one of the most often used. To experience quick relief, apply the wax to a full portion or to a particular bracket in a region that is causing you discomfort. If you have a sharp wire pinching you inside the mouth or leading to bleeding, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

Inflammation of the jaw

Teeth clenching and grinding are common adverse effects of braces, particularly if your treatment involves realigning your jaw. Based on the extent of the pain, over-the-counter pain drugs could be effective in managing it. As a result, this could recur after each tightening cycle too though.

Having Difficulty Eating

A common issue that we hear is that people are having trouble swallowing and consuming their meals, particularly after a tightening procedure. It’s during times like these that having a braces-friendly diet on hand becomes even more advantageous. The inability to consume solid meals for a short period is considered to become a temporary side effect that resolves itself soon.

Unusual Effects from Braces

Do braces have negative effects?

Braces, on the other hand, may also cause some unexpected negative effects. These are detailed in further detail below.

Allergy Manifestations

Some kinds of braces make use of latex rubber, this is mostly used in the braces elastic while others make use of the metal. Some people are allergic to these materials and therefore it might cause an allergic response in certain people, albeit not all of them will. If you are going for a braces treatment, the physicians must be aware of any sensitivities that you or they have. Elastics that are devoid of latex and other metals are readily accessible for usage in instances like these.

Tooth Decay

The possibility of tooth decay as a consequence of poor oral hygiene exists with every patient’s teeth, however, this also applies to people wearing braces. As a result, everyone that is wearing braces must have their teeth cleaned properly and regularly. This could be anything from brushing two times a day and having the teeth flossed at least once every day If your tooth begins to deteriorate quickly, you may be required to take precautions that may cause treatment to be postponed.

Resorption of the roots

This is the shrinking of roots that occurs when a person wears braces for an extended period. This may be as minor as a modest reduction in the size of the root tip, which will not lead to several long-term dental difficulties. People may sometimes have a shrinkage of at least 50 per cent of the root, which might have a substantial impact on their long-term healthcare and well-being.

Although the actual aetiology of this condition is unknown, wearing braces for more than 2-3 years has been shown to enhance the likelihood of it occurring. Therefore, your dentist should be able to take X-rays regularly to identify whether any root resorption is occurring. 


Good oral hygiene habits are vital for everyone, but they are particularly critical for those who are wearing braces. Decalcification, which manifests itself as white spots on the teeth, is a common side effect of bad dental care. Cavities may also develop if foodstuff, as well as debris, are not eliminated from the mouth on a constant schedule. With frequent, complete proper oral hygiene, and a diet that is low in sugar, these disorders are highly prevented.


The use of braces, like any other dental procedure, has significant side effects on the individual who undergoes it. Some unpleasant side effects are frequent and readily remedied, whilst others are uncommon and may have long-term consequences for your oral health such as root resorption, tooth decay, decalcification, and many more. Examples of negative side effects that can be easily remedied include migraines, jaw pain s well as difficulty in eating among others. If you choose to get braces, your dentist should be able to explain to you the potential negative side effects of wearing braces as well as what you can do to avoid these side effects from having a long-term impact on your oral health.

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