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Treating An Infected Tooth: What You Should Know About Root Canals

February 10, 2020

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Root canals are just one of those dental services everyone kind of knows about and always associates with being extremely painful. While a root canal is often the best remedy for an infected tooth, to stop pain from happening ever again, some are still scared to visit their dentist for this procedure. Have no fear, though. While you may have been told that root canals are the most painful thing ever, they aren’t as bad as you might think.

Those that have had a toothache will swear it is one of the worst feelings ever. The pain is so bad, in fact, that it will drive you to see the dentist get it to stop hurting. Enter the root canal. Root canals are the solution, those in massive amounts of pain, have been looking for. Even if you aren’t currently in pain from an infected tooth, since you may have treated it with antibiotics, root canals are the only way to solve the problem from ever coming back.

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What Is A Root Canal Exactly?

It’s vital that before moving forward that you have a clear understanding of what a root canal is, perhaps not what you’ve been led to believe one is. When a person has an infected tooth, there is likely a cavity present. This hole in the tooth allows for bacteria and food to enter the tooth. The bacteria will start to grow, and infection will become present. Typically the pulp of the tooth is then infected. The result? Massive amounts of pain.

Before starting any part of the procedure, your dentist or their assistant will apply numbing medication. This is a local anaesthetic, and it stops the patient from feeling any part of the process. While it numbs any sensation, this doesn’t mean that you won’t feel vibrations. These don’t hurt; they may feel odd or unusual but not painful.

For a root canal, your dentist will need to drill out some of the teeth, this removes the decayed portion, which some will call the cavity. The dentist will then flush out the tooth, clearing away the bacteria and infection. He or she will then remove the infected pulp of the tooth, along with the tooth root. Once your dentist does this, you will no longer feel any sensation from that tooth. The nerves and blood flow to the tooth will stop, and it will be merely a shell of the tooth.

After the pulp and root are removed, your dentist will fill the tooth with a filling, and if needed, due to size, place a crown on top. The crown will protect and strengthen the tooth. While it might seem like a lengthy procedure, most are done within an hour. For more information on the root canal procedure, visit Northern Dental Centre online.

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What Really Causes Discomfort During A Root Canal?

When people talk about a root canal and say that it is painful, there are specific points they could be referring to. Some individuals are more sensitive to getting the injections for the numbing medicine, while others don’t much enjoy the sensation of the drill or the suction when cleaning out the tooth. However, after the medication is injected, you shouldn’t feel any actual pain. If you start to feel something, simply signal your dentist to stop, and they can give more anaesthetic. At Northern Dental Centre, they make sure patients are well taken care of and experience minimal amounts of discomfort throughout the procedure.

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