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Creative Tips for Working Parents to Juggle Family and Work

April 2, 2020

Many parents have to work these days in order to provide for their family. While many parents have opted to have at least one parent work from home as a remote employee, the fact of the matter is, many parents must have two incomes in order to support their family. That’s why it’s so hard to figure out how to juggle family and work, both parents are so busy making a living to support the household that they aren’t quite sure how to pause for quality family time.

Take a look at this list of creative tips for working parents everywhere to learn how you can juggle the best of both worlds without stressing out (too much!).

Share Bedtime Routine

The kids have to go to bed eventually so why not share the task of doing bedtime routines with your partner. This will allow you and your partner to take turns having some quality time with the kids right before bed. This works best if you have an established bedtime routine that involves reading a book before bed and doing all of the hygienic tasks before bed so that you’re able to sit still with your kids a little bit before tucking them into bed.

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Schedule Family Nights

While it may sound fun to be more spontaneous with the family time, it’s important you take time to schedule family nights when it comes to finding a way to juggle work and family as a working parent. Include family night on your schedule once per week so that the entire family can sit down to enjoy a meal and some games together at least once during the busy work week. Your weekly family night can include any activities that make sense for your lifestyle, morals, and interests.

School Drop Off and Pick Up

When it comes to raising kids as a working parent, it’s important that you learn new ways to spend quality time together. You can easily take turns dropping your kids off to school or picking them up so that you’re able to juggle work and family. The short drive between school and home can provide you and your kids with enough time to chat about your day and learn more about each other as you strengthen the family bond over a short car ride.

Delegate Tasks

Since having a family means more chores to get done in the house, it’s important that you get comfortable having a solid routine that delegates some household tasks to your children. Children as young as three years old can help with various tasks around the home so try to develop a chore list that makes sense for your family so that you can have more free time to spend with your family when you’re done with a busy workday.

These are just some of the creative ways working parents can learn to juggle family and work. The adult side of life is difficult, to begin with, so it’s best to work together with your partner to establish a solid routine that allows you both to juggle the joy of family and the responsibility of work with ease.

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