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The Month That Was… March 2020

April 1, 2020

As the month began there was an air of caution in the wings. With the spread of COVID-19 rippling across the world. I don’t think that any of us truly thought that things would change quickly and the new measures of social distancing and self-isolation would be put in place.

It has certainly been a very different month to the one we had envisioned. Planned days out, activities and holidays have all been cancelled. Replaced by days at home and in the garden. An opportunity to hold those close and find a new normal as we navigate through homeschooling.

The month that was… March 2020

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Boo and What The Dad Said

Last year we adjusted working lives and schedules in order to gain a better family life and dynamics. With recent events it feels as though we have stepped backwards into out old life. What The Dad Said as a key worker is working additional hours to cover those in self isolation/at risk group and to help feed the nation. It does feel like we are once again passing ships in the night. However, we are in the fortunate position that he is able to work so we have to make the nest of the situation.

Whilst he is at work I am juggling homeschooling with the children. Which if I’m completely honest is not something I would have ever signed up for. As the saying goes ‘those who can, teach’… I’m not one of those people. However, I think that we are just about getting into the swing of things. Although looking forward to switching off for the Easter holidays. Around this I have been continuing to work, which takes me back to the time when I blogged around working part-time and childcare etc.

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The month started with her school report which showed she is making good progress in her subjects. With the happy news last week that she secured her first choice places in her options. Looking forward to geography, catering, Spanish and performing arts alongside the core subjects.

The school closures have possibly been hardest on Roo out of the three children. Thank goodness for technology allowing her to keep in touch with friends as well as her school activities. Her high school were on the ball with the potential closure. Setting up Google Classrooms and a suggested timetable to follow. My heart goes out to her as she sits at the table longer than her siblings completing school work.

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It’s no surprise to me that Tigger has taken the school closures and cancellation of his swimming lessons in his stride. With a similar personality to What The Dad Said he remains calm, quiet and carries on as though nothing has happened.

Sent home with some school resources we have had to supplement this with some additional printouts and apps. But I think we are getting there. Happily spending his ‘free-time’ playing games, on the computer and with his siblings.

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As a child who runs on a schedule the past month has been difficult for her. Although she is loving having Tigger and Roo around she can’t understand why the can’t or don’t want to play with her all the time. Being a preschooler she has limited ‘school work’ to complete which both a god send and a nightmare. Wanting to be up at the dining table with her siblings. Thankfully colouring and scissor craft has helped keep her occupied.

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