Time to change my eating habits

January 5, 2013
Back when I was 17 years old and I first met Mr Boo I weighed just 8 1/2 stone. Slowly after moving in and opting for a takeaway instead of cooking my weight crept up. Now after two children, two c-sections my body is not at all how I wished it looked. Whilst my stretch marks will never go away they remind me of the children I have been blessed with. My jelly belly, the apron overhang however, I want and need to do something about.
I have tried a number of different diets over the years and whilst they have worked for a while it never lasts. I need to think differently about food, I need to realise that my current relationship with food is unhealthy and I need to readjust my portion size.
Thankfully I have been given the opportunity to become a Weight Watchers 2013 Blogger Ambassador. I have been given a 3 month pass to all the online services including ProPoints tracking, food and recipe information and of course a weight tracker. I’m really hoping that by understanding the ProPoint value to different foods will help me decide which foods are better, healthier options for me.
Please join me and my fellow Weight Watchers 2013 Blogger Ambassadors on our own personal weight loss journeys.
Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I have received three months access to Weight Watchers online along with goodies to taste test. 

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