The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott – The Land of the Dinosaurs (ID 7377)

The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott – The Land of the Dinosaurs

June 5, 2014

This fantastic introduction to the prehistoric world will make little dino lovers roar!

Simon Abbott’s quirky drawings bring to life core subjects from the early years of school, with laugh-out-loud pictures that kids will love to pore over and bite-sized text to help them learn as they laugh.

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DID YOU KNOW: The longest near-complete dinosaur skeleton belongs to Diplodocus. This maxi-monster was as long as a basketball court.

World of Dinos

Millions of years ago dinosaurs ruled the land. Some were bloodthirsty hunters and some were peaceful plant-eaters – but all of them were mind-blowing marvels!


Meet the dinos that dine out on other dinos! This bunch of terrifying dino-killers loved to guzzle gristle, munch meat and tear up tendons. Rooaarr!


Most dinosaurs were herbivores (plant-eaters) that just loved to guzzle their greens. These eating machines could devour a plant in no time at all.

Little and Large

Dinosaurs were the biggest land animals that ever lived. The most ground-wobbling giants were the monster herbivores, but lots of dinos were dainty divas.

Dino Attack!

Slashing and gnashing their way through the animal kingdom, the bloodthirsty meat-eaters were expert hunters with some dastardly and daring tactics…

Dino Defence

With so many sharp teeth and claws hiding in bushes and around corners, the peaceful plant-eating dinosaurs needed some clever ways to stay safe and avoid becoming dinner.

Weird and Wonderful

Butting boneheads, big beautiful eyes, flashy crests and foul breath – the dino world had it all!

On Wings and by Fin

There were many non -dinosaur reptiles that lived 230-66 million years ago. Some soared in the sky and dived for fish. Others lived beneath the waves like real sea dragons!

End of the Dinosaurs

A huge chunk of space rock crashed into Earth 66 million years ago. It was death from outer space and a total disaster for the dinosaurs!
About Simon Abbott

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

I think all children go through the stage of loving dinosaurs, Roo and Tigger certainly have and it is something that they come back to time and time again.

With a RRP of £5.99 it makes this book an affordable price whether you are buying it for a gift, a stocking filler or just a little treat.

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Disclosure: We received a copy of The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott – The Land of the Dinosaurs FOC for the purpose of review

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