Animals Everywhere - In the Rainforest

The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott – Animals Everywhere

March 3, 2014

How many penguins could you fit into an armchair?
Which fish uses a fishing rod?
Find out the answers to these questions and more in this vibrant series from Simon Abbott
Packed with fun facts and laugh-out-loud illustrations, this wonderful introduction to wild animals is a must-have for every young reader’s bookshelf

Explore the Wonderful World of Simon Abbott and download extra fun activities at:

The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott - Animals Everywhere

The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott is a new series by Ticktock that puts the fun back into children’s non-fiction. Children can explore the wonderful world of wild animals with this quirkily illustrated informative book, filled with laugh-out-loud drawings and interesting text about all things animal. Great for ages 5-7 years, this title both teaches and entertains, with humorous illustrations by artist Simon Abbott that children will never get bored of. This is a must-have for every young reader’s bookshelf.

Answering hilarious questions such as ‘Which fish has a built-in fishing rod?’ and packed with memorable facts, learning has never been so much fun!

DID YOU KNOW? African elephants are more than twice as tall as a grown man and can weigh as much as eight small cars!


Animals Everywhere - African Safari

Animals Everywhere showcases fact from a variety of different environments:

In the Rainforest

Earth is home to millions of animals. All are awesome, some are scary, and others are just weird. Let’s find out more, starting in the steamy heat of the rainforests.

African Safari

Some of the world’s best-known animals live in Africa. Let’s go on safari and find out more about everything from Lions to meerkats and hippos to ostriches!

Forest and Meadow

Day and night, forests and meadows are buzzing with wildlife. Animals use the trees and grasses to build their homes and to find food.

In the Mountains

The lower slopes of mountains are often covered in forests. Higher up, it is windy and cold, but some animals still call it home.

Rivers and Streams

Many animals live on or close by rushing rivers and bubbling streams. they have to learn to go with the flow – or they’ll be washed away!

Desert Survivors

Boiling days and freezing nights, winds whipping up sandstorms and little food or water. You have to be tough to love in the desert.

The Icy Poles

Some creatures live in unbelievably cold places. Arctic animals live around the North Pole. Although there is no land there, the ice is home to many creatures.

Beneath the Waves

The ocean is home to many animals, from giant whales to sea creatures so tiny you need a microscope to see them.

The World’s Weirdest Animals

Whether it’s flying at top-speed, or shocking attackers, some animals are full of surprises.

Animals Everywhere - In the Rainforest

In case your wondering who Simon Abbot is…

About Simon Abbott

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Roo is a naturally inquisitive child so have a book full of fabulous facts about animals is right up her street. As she was sitting reading through it for the first time I could see her pull some puzzling faces, when I asked her what was wrong she replied ‘Mummy, did you know that foxes use poo and wee to mark their territory!…. Disgusting!’

Whilst the book is aimed at school age children this didn’t stop Tigger getting involved in the action. The thick pages are perfect for him to turn without fear of ripping and spotting all the animals was great fun too.

With a RRP of £5.99 I think that this is great value considering the amount of information included within the book, I’m actually thinking of buying a couple to give as birthday presents when Roo attends her friends parties. 

Ticktock can be found online at

Disclosure: We received a copy of The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott – Animals Everywhere FOC for the purpose of review

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