Lunii // My Fabulous Storyteller

There is something quite special about being an author of a book. Especially a children’s book author, knowing that your stories could be inspiring children across the country to go on adventures, encourage friendship and teamwork as well as offer that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from a good story. 

Picking a book up from the bookshelf to sit down to read it is wonderful, however, the storyline has already been devised. The characters, where they will go, who with and what they need to find etc is all laid out on the pages.

However, what if you wanted to set the finer details of the story and then listen to see how it all works out? Now you can with the Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller. A handheld device that whilst might look small in size, contains big adventures and stories.

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is the new-generation, fun and interactive storyteller. Start your adventure with 48 original stories, following Susan and Ben on unexpected journeys. My Fabulous Storyteller allows children to create their own choices, simply and intuitively, by toggling and pushing buttons. They can choose a HERO, a WORLD, a COMPANION and an OBJECT – and navigate whole worlds of wonder.

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller // How It Works

Aimed at children aged 3 years and over the Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is so simple to set up and get a story started.

  1. Switch the Lunii on by turning the dial on the left-hand side, this also controls the volume so take the time to adjust this to the correct level.
  2. Press OK on the front to listen to the stories of Susan and Ben (if you have further story sets downloaded you can select these by turning the big dial on the front of the Lunii).
  3. Choose the hero of your story by turning the big dial on the front of the Lunii, then click OK
  4. Select where your story will take place
  5. Select who your hero will meet in the story
  6. Choose an object that will feature in the storyline
  7. Listen to your story unfold

You can pause the story by pressing the pause button at any time. If you fancy changing the story, simply press the home button to return to the selection menu and create a new adventure. With 48 different stories to be created with the preloaded story pack, you can have fun trying to discover them all.

The Lunii is charged via micro-USB so no scrambling around looking for batteries to keep the storytelling going. This can be done via a USB power plug or whilst connected to your computers USB port. Plus it will go into standby mode after five minutes of inactivity to conserve the available power.

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller // Video

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller // Available Stories…

The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller comes with one story set preloaded for children to be able to enjoy the product straight out of the box. A selection of 48 different combinations of stories featuring Susan and Ben – Lunii’s two heroes will take you on a marvellous journey filled with amazing adventures and fun encounters. Friendships, surprises, emotions… everything is set to spend enchanting and fun moments with Susan and Ben. Let your imagination go wild and rally the two friends on their fantastic odyssey! Stories ware written by Jeanne & Claude Delafosse, Mickaël Ndongo and Charles Deinausard.

Additional story packs are available to purchase and download via the Lunii Store to help you enrich the selection of stories your children can create and listen to. These include The Rainbow Kingdom, WOW, Pirates! and Good Night Stories.

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller // Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

We have been using the Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller with Tigger for the past few weeks and we are loving it. Although he is a confident reader, he can at times be reluctant to sit down and read for some quiet time. The Lunii has enabled him to create his own story creations before sitting down to listen to them unfold. Whether he is snuggled up in bed, laying in the bath or sitting in the back of the car whilst we are travelling.

As a parent, I love that this gives him the control over what features within the story he is about to listen to. As well as the additional story packs that are available mean that I can easily add another when he wants to mix things up a little. The Lunii is a small portable device but holds so much value, a great way to add an extra slice of storytime into children’s lives.

Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller // Where Can I Buy One?

The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is available to buy from Lunii or from Amazon, priced at around £50.00. Additional story packs are available to download via the Lunii store and are priced around £7.00. The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller is available in seven different languages.

Win a Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

To get your little one started on the road to fabulous stories, Boo Roo and Tigger Too are proud to have an additional Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller to giveaway.

To enter simply complete the Gleam widget below, all entries are optional and each one completed will gain you more entries into the random draw.

Lunii – My Fabulous Storyteller

Disclosure: We received a Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller FOC for the purpose of review

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  1. Tracy K Nixon
    February 25, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    A prince!

  2. Anthony Harrington
    February 25, 2018 / 7:52 pm

    I would like an elephant to be a hero

  3. Margaret Gallagher
    February 25, 2018 / 9:59 pm

    A rabbit

  4. Solange
    February 25, 2018 / 10:08 pm

    A dog.

  5. Susie Wilkinson
    February 25, 2018 / 10:52 pm

    It’s always good to see the underdog become the hero

  6. Margaret Clarkson
    February 26, 2018 / 6:37 am

    An Owl.

    February 26, 2018 / 4:59 pm

    a parent 🙂

  8. kelly wheelhouse
    February 26, 2018 / 8:41 pm

    I would choose for a handsome prince to be the hero

  9. Angela Treadway
    February 26, 2018 / 8:48 pm

    a cat x

  10. iain maciver
    February 26, 2018 / 9:04 pm

    a cat

  11. Leila Benhamida
    February 26, 2018 / 10:26 pm

    A penguin as a companion

  12. Jessica Woods
    February 26, 2018 / 10:29 pm

    A lion or tiger

  13. john prendergast
    February 26, 2018 / 10:43 pm

    A hamster

  14. Sadiyya Maryam
    February 27, 2018 / 7:16 am

    A superhero grandad!

  15. Sarah Mackay
    February 27, 2018 / 8:41 am

    I would choose a sloth to be the hero in my story

  16. Clare Hubbard
    February 27, 2018 / 1:51 pm

    A cat

  17. ashleigh allan
    February 27, 2018 / 2:22 pm

    A princess!

  18. Karen Barrett
    February 27, 2018 / 7:12 pm

    A Penguin

    February 27, 2018 / 7:46 pm

    I would choose a dinosaur – my son would be so happy 🙂

  20. Katie
    February 27, 2018 / 8:36 pm

    I would like a penguin to be the hero just because I love them

  21. Katy Malkin
    February 27, 2018 / 8:41 pm

    A friendly koala bear

  22. Maria Blythin
    February 27, 2018 / 9:45 pm

    a penguin x

    February 28, 2018 / 11:47 am


    February 28, 2018 / 3:08 pm

    I think it would have to be a dog

  25. Lisa Wilkinson
    February 28, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    A sloth

  26. Sandra Fortune
    March 1, 2018 / 4:40 pm

    A grandson named Henry

  27. Hayley Colburn
    March 1, 2018 / 11:06 pm

    My daughter loves Ducks so a duck hero would be our choice

  28. Kerry Kilmister
    March 1, 2018 / 11:39 pm

    A cute, fluffy lapt cat

  29. leanne weir
    March 2, 2018 / 5:58 am

    A dog

  30. S Edwards
    March 2, 2018 / 6:55 am

    My dog lady x

  31. Ursula Hunt
    March 2, 2018 / 10:34 am


  32. Jen Schofield
    March 2, 2018 / 11:06 am

    A Polar Bear

  33. Barbara Jane Shaw
    March 2, 2018 / 1:16 pm

    A Labrador dog called Molly (we have one in real life!)

  34. Emma
    March 2, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    A cool queen 🙂

  35. Samantha Atherton
    March 2, 2018 / 3:28 pm

    I’d choose something unexpected, like a spider or a shark to be the hero.

  36. Karen Usher
    March 2, 2018 / 8:58 pm

    A beautiful princess of course!

  37. Jane Loxton
    March 2, 2018 / 9:29 pm

    A brave knight!

  38. katrina walsh
    March 2, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    A feisty prickly hedgehog

  39. Chrissy Harris
    March 3, 2018 / 7:37 am

    My little boy loves cats so would love to have a hero cat in the story

  40. A.E. ADKINS
    March 3, 2018 / 10:03 am

    A taxi cab. We are heavily into these at the moment!

  41. Karen Hughes
    March 3, 2018 / 11:01 am

    A red panda

  42. Kate Davies
    March 5, 2018 / 10:16 am

    A little boy who becomes a superhero at bedtime.

  43. Georgina Prince was davies
    March 5, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    i would pick a ghost xx

  44. Kimberley Ryan
    March 6, 2018 / 9:55 am

    A pirate would be our hero

  45. Jen o
    March 6, 2018 / 4:55 pm

    A cat!

  46. Rich Tyler
    March 7, 2018 / 12:27 am

    A clumsy penguin

  47. Michaela Turner
    March 7, 2018 / 6:13 am

    I would say a cat as my children love cats!

  48. Polly
    March 7, 2018 / 11:09 am

    A puppy!

  49. justine meyer
    March 7, 2018 / 12:32 pm

    Ours would be a little pussy cat x

  50. Lynn Neal
    March 8, 2018 / 9:56 am

    A very timid mouse!

  51. Susan B
    March 8, 2018 / 11:11 am

    I would be a hero pigeon. It would be nice to hear positive stories about this much maligned bird.

  52. Cathryn Crawshaw
    March 9, 2018 / 6:54 am

    a princess

  53. Abigail Sage
    March 9, 2018 / 7:39 am

    A giraffe as a hero, they dont get enough credit and im pretty sure they would be brilliant at many things ( apart from fitting into small spaces)

  54. Ian Murray
    March 9, 2018 / 8:23 am

    a penguin. peguins rock!!

  55. Katherine Lucas
    March 9, 2018 / 9:05 am

    A cat would be my choice

  56. Louise Gardener
    March 9, 2018 / 9:07 am

    I would like it to be a girl.

  57. Christina Palmer
    March 9, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    A Lollipop Lady

  58. jo liddement
    March 9, 2018 / 5:55 pm

    I would choose a pirate to be the hero in my story.

  59. sheri Darby
    March 9, 2018 / 10:02 pm

    A tiger

  60. hannah igoe
    March 10, 2018 / 8:01 am

    A penguin would be really fun!

  61. Jo McPherson
    March 10, 2018 / 8:13 am

    A giraffe would be fun

  62. Laura Pritchard
    March 10, 2018 / 11:02 am

    I’d choose a dinosaur as my daughter loves them!

  63. Kim Neville
    March 10, 2018 / 1:17 pm

    A meerkat or lion as my son loves them

  64. Rachel B
    March 10, 2018 / 4:45 pm

    I would choose a Koala

  65. Edward Guerreiro
    March 10, 2018 / 10:14 pm

    It would probably end up being a little monkey. My niece is obsessed with them.

  66. Adrian Bold
    March 11, 2018 / 1:28 am

    I would love to be a polar bear.

  67. janine atkin
    March 11, 2018 / 9:59 am

    id have a hero pug

  68. Dawn Samples
    March 11, 2018 / 10:04 am

    A ladybird x

  69. Sally Collingwood
    March 11, 2018 / 10:18 am

    Super Nana

  70. Tracey Belcher
    March 11, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    An Elephant

  71. Natalie Crossan
    March 11, 2018 / 7:47 pm

    A penguin

  72. Tee Simpson
    March 11, 2018 / 9:46 pm

    An elephant

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