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The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott – Planes, Trains and Cars

March 3, 2014

How many chocolate bars could a dumper truck carry?
How long would it take to skateboard across Australia?
Find out the answers to these questions and more in this brilliant book explaining everything you’ve ever wanted to know about transport.

Packed with amazing facts and laugh-out-loud illustrations, this lively series from Simon Abbott is a must for every young readers’s bookshelf!

Explore the Wonderful World of Simon Abbott and download extra fun activities at: www.ticktockextra.co.uk

The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott - Planes, Trains and Cars

 This new title in the fun non-fiction series, The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott, is a vibrant introduction to the amazing world of transport.

Filled with fascinating and memorable facts about the different modes of transport and the basics of how they work, this book teaches children about everything that zooms and soars.

Packed with witty illustrations, and filled with the answers to humorous questions such as ‘How many elephants can you fit in a jumbo jet?’, this book makes learning – and reading – fun.

DID YOU KNOW? The fuel burned by America’s switch locomotives in a year would fill more than 95 Olympic swimming pools!

The book is written in bite-sized sections perfect for young readers:

Wonderful Wheels

There are lots of ways to get from A to B. Scooting or skateboarding, cycling or roaring on a motorbike. Which do you like?

On the Road

Cars come in all shapes and sizes. Some are little, some are long, some are fast and some are slow. Unless there’s a traffic jam, then everyone comes to a stop!

All in a Day’s Work

There are different vehicles for different jobs, whether it’s mending roads, moving loads, delivering parcels or even new cars.

All Aboard

Whether you’re touring in a caravan or city sight-seeing in a bus it’s great to be on holiday!

Riding the Rails

All aboard! The train departing from platform 3 is just one of many different ways to ride the rails.

At the Airport

Last call for passengers to gate 16… But will you jet off on a jumbo, a double decker jet or a helicopter?

Flying High!

From hot air balloons to gliders, airships to bi-planes, there are plenty of other ways to fly, besides a jumbo jet.

Setting Sail

Wild weather and mountainous waves are no problem for a sailor! Raise the anchor, it’s time to set sail for an adventure!

What’s Inside?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside a plane? Let’s take a peek inside and find out what’s inside a jet.

In case your wondering who Simon Abbot is…

About Simon Abbott

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Tigger is mad about all things, trains, cars and trucks so I knew that when this book arrived that this would be hi-jacked by him with Roo only getting a look in when Tigger is asking her a question. I love that that different transport modes are separated onto different pages and highlights all the different ways you can get from A to B.

The illustrations throughout the book really do transform what could be a boring book full of facts into an interesting fun filled book. The thicker than average pages make the book hard wearing especially you have an over zealous pre-preschooler turning the pages.

With a RRP of £5.99 I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has a transport mad little one or it would make a great gift idea for when they attend children’s birthday parties.

Ticktock can be found online at www.octopusbooks.com/ticktock

Disclosure: We received a copy of The Wonderful World of Simon Abbott – Planes, Trains and Cars FOC for the purpose of review

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