The week that was…

November 18, 2013

Last week I read a post from Johnson Babies and it made me think about how fast time passes. Each week seems to pass me by quicker than previous one and trying to recall the what we have achieved (or not achieved) is so difficult as days, weeks and months seem to merge within my memory cells. So I’ve decided to do a weekly round up in the form of, the week that was…, a way that I record what Boo Roo and Tigger Too have been up to throughout the week (the good, the bad and the ugly).


The paperwork for Tigger to start at the school’s nursery in January arrived today, something I have been counting down to for a long time as this will make my work days so much easier. Having both children in the same school (all be it for just 7 months) will allow me to take them everyday and collect them without the need for breakfast clubs. The other gain from switching to the school nursery is the financial difference it will make, whilst we will get the standard 15 hours that all three year olds get we will still need to pay a top up but will be saving two thirds of what we currently pay out.

A close up of a book

Roo’s parents evening – parents evening always seems to make me feel anxious, I’m not really sure why… almost like I am getting a report on how well I’m doing as a parent (which most days I feel would say ‘needs improvement’). Roo’s report was glowing, meeting exceeding or excelling in all areas of the curriculum. There are areas were although she is exceeding expectations however needs to rein in her personality somewhat.

Very confident = Likes to take over
Talkative = Does always listen to others
Doesn’t like to be wrong = Attitude

**Can’t imagine where she gets it from**


Applications for junior schools opened today and it was time for me to register Roo for where she would be spending the next three years of her education. We had received a letter yesterday informing us of which of the local junior schools are in our catchment area. Unfortunately the only school that is in our catchment is not practical for us as a family. So I have applied out of catchment, explained my reasons for this and hope that Roo is given a place in our first and only junior school choice.


Today was a day of laughter and tears, for me anyway. At work today I had a mischievous glint in my eye, there was an air of practical jokes and laughter spread throughout the day. Writing out post-it notes and placing all over a colleagues car, alongside side splitting laughter about a fluffy muff (that still has me laughing as I type this). Followed by watching Grand Designs and crying at a lady who lost her husband to cancer but opted to build the house they had dreamed of without him… heartbreaking.


During half term we took a trip down to Lakeside to do some Christmas shopping, whilst we were there we visited IKEA and came away with so many wonderful ideas for our little home. So after placing an order online two weeks ago it finally arrived today so we have spent the day putting up flat pack.


I’m finding work increasing more and more frustrating… I have a new job share, who after two weeks of shadowing me is still not grasping the basics and next week he is on his own! He was complaining that the fax machine was playing up… yes because you are trying to fax yourself! idiot!


I’m choosing to erase this day from my memory. After working so hard to finish off things in Roo’s bedroom and rearrange furniture all afternoon, Roo repaid me by being the naughtiest I have ever known her to be.


Clear out day, with two trips to our local recycling centre with cardboard from all the IKEA flat pack, broken toys and our old fish tank. We also managed to move Roo’s old bedroom furniture into Tigger’s room and his ‘baby’ furniture re-homed.

So that was our week, how was yours?

Boo xxx

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