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Mummy, I want to come home

August 13, 2015

Last night I rang my Mam as usual to catch up with her and the children whilst they are staying with her.

Whilst chatting with Tigger he said something that really pulled on my heartstrings and gave me a big dose of mother’s guilt…

Mummy, I want to come home

Just like that I felt so helpless being a six-hour drive away from him. My world was put into a spin and I was heartbroken to think that he was so far away and I couldn’t just pop round to get him. I asked him why he wanted to come home ‘because I want to’ was all the response I got from him. Handing the phone back to my Mam I checked that he was OK and whether he’d be asked to come home. She reassured me that this was the first time he had said anything and that he had happily been playing all day, enjoying a walk down to the river with the dog to skim stones etc.

With that Tigger jumped back on the phone to tell me that Granny had chips and Kinder Bars! With that I knew that all was right with his world.

It doesn’t however make me feel any better that even just once he wanted to come home and I wasn’t able to go and get him. When I was his age I loved spending time at my Granny’s house, however I know that my older sister didn’t and would often asked to go home. I know in my heart that he is having a good time with Granny and Roo but it doesn’t stop my mother’s guilt from raging especially as I am so far away from him.

  • Colette B August 13, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    I’m sure he hasn’t thought any more about it since uttering those words! I can bet a pound to a penny you’ve worried about it more! Mother’s guilt is a tough old thing isn’t it.

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