Through the eye on an needle

September 22, 2012

September brings many things…

The end of the summer
The start of school
The Christmas countdown
The first autumn leaves falling
The first winter sniffles

Oh, and the norovirus

This week we had the letter from school about when and when not to send our children into school and the key warning signs to look out for.

I’ve had the call at work from the Matron informing us of an outbreak at the main hospital and to keep the infection control documentation at hand.

Then Friday, upon collecting Tigger from nursery… ‘He didn’t eat this dinner, we sat him down and he said ‘NO!”. This should have bee n an early warning sign, especially when he didn’t want any tea too. He did however drink his bedtime milk so thought nothing of it.

After a middle of the night wake up call and another milk feed, he when back to sleep quickly. However, upon going to get him up this morning I was greeted by a sickly smell. The poor thing had been sick in this cot and had never called out… #mummyfail

Since then he has refused milk, juice, snacks, any meals. He did drink a bottle of milk this afternoon but that stayed down for about an hour before making its presence known.

Now the one major thing with the norovirus is the pooping or as my northern roots would say…

‘Shitting through the eye of a needle’

I cannot tell you the number of nappies I have changed today, but boy are they disgusting! One thing I have learnt is never put a pooping child in something that has to go over their heads. As when the poop and it ends up by their shoulder blades you do not want to be pulling a top covered in poop over their head. Popper fronted sleepsuits are a must have, failing this… just a nappy because it won’t be long before you are changing another one.

My washing machine is earning it’s money today, I think I’m on load six and I still have the usual school uniform, work clothes to wash yet!

I’m really hoping that it will just be a 24hrs thing… fingers crossed!

Boo xxx

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