Stone-Style Vinyl Flooring for the Adventurous Side

July 31, 2020

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Be Your Own King or Queen with a Castle Throughout the Home

It may sound corny, but there is more than just a fantasy when selecting a stone-style vinyl flooring option for your home.

And we are not just talking grey. There are many different palettes and special design options within that stone look to give the home a distinct look and feel.

So what kind of stone suits your homestead and makes it your kingdom?


Among the most popular style is slate, proving that the roof is not the only place where it can be of benefit.

Not only does it provide a classic look and feel throughout the home, but it’s suitable for anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom. No matter where you put it it will add depth to rooms previously feeling flat and with its varying palette schemes from black to silver and beyond, you find yourself truly loving the steps in sophistication.


Forget those cumbersome stone designs that feel clunky and mismatched. Go for the next best thing with various stone options.

Most people prefer this in the bathroom or a specially built sauna room but over the years the kitchen has become a hot favourite for stone designs. Mixing a stone floor with granite worktops gives a feel of relaxation even when cooking for ten.

With underlay flooring, you can even gain warmth and sound protection should it be required.


Although not a stone-style option per-se, porcelain is a perfect companion for those bathrooms.

Whether your fixtures are black, white, cream or otherwise porcelain vinyl helps to keep that sense of coordination and control. With its waterproof and easy clean tendencies, you can be assured that no water will be seeping through the floor and its anti-slip technologies mean there won’t be any accidents stepping out of the bath or shower. With raises in temperature, your flooring won’t be going anywhere or rising with the changes with heat.


Is there a more distinctive feel than having limestone as your floor? If there is we would like to know because it has become one of the best companions to natural shade throughout many homes.

It may seem a bold choice but it’s stronger than other options for those striking home furnishings that deserve a better accompanying sense of warmth.

stone-style vinyl flooring
Slate texture stone-style vinyl flooring is a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms

Expert Advice Just a Stone’s Throw Away

Still, stuck for which stone-style suits you? You wouldn’t be the first. This is why there are market-leading popular suppliers to help you identify the right luxury vinyl for your home and even provide technology that can give you an advanced look at how it can all pan out and give you further perspective on your home.

Amtico is your leading market brand favoured around the nation for designing and supplying outstanding selection when it comes to vinyl options. From their Spacia, Form and Signature collections they offer definitive craftsmanship in selections such as Modernist Vault, Stria Rock and Riverstone Tundra to really widen the eyes.

Luvanto is an extremely popular brand that delivers cutting edge designs and palettes for those into the creative potential of their home. From Beige Stone to Silver Slate to the popular Black Sparkle, their selections boast an impressive and diverse collection of incredibly textured and attentive luxury vinyl that really delivers throughout any style of home.

If you’re looking for flooring which brings natural elements and authentic wood tones into your home then Invictus is right for you. If you want you can even add borders or opt for a layering pattern that can help divide up the different areas of your home.

So in choosing your selection with stone-styled vinyl, you have chosen a reliable, beautiful and comforting replacement for the real thing. Sure to impress and designed to last, luxury vinyl flooring is the choice that is as solid as a rock.

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