Is Professional Roof Cleaning Right For You?

Is Professional Roof Cleaning Right For You?

December 6, 2020

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There are several types of exterior cleaning services available. You can choose gutter cleanings, window washing, driveway cleaning, and much more. One unique service that you might not be as familiar with is roof cleaning. It might seem silly to clean a roof, but there is more than one reason you should. Take a look at the top reasons to consider this valuable exterior cleaning solution for your home.

You Want To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

As with any building material, your roof has an expiration date. Some roofs, like metal, will last longer, but all may need to be replaced at some point. Things like dirt, algae, and mould and depreciate your roof, causing damage. The obvious way to stop this type of damage is by keeping the roof clear of contaminants. For those that wish to extend the life of their roof, gentle soft washing services are an excellent choice.

Is Professional Roof Cleaning Right For You?

You Value Curb Appeal

The number one reason to choose roof cleaning services is for the bump in appearance. If you regularly power wash your home, not cleaning the roof can throw off the entire look of the property. A clean roof creates a gorgeous appearance, one that looks like new. If you’ve ever looked at a new roof and an older one, there is a substantial difference in appearance, one that isn’t hard to see. 

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal is essential for resale value too. If you plan to list your home, you’ll get more money and more interested buyers if the outside of your home looks good. Although, there is nothing wrong with coming home to a beautifully maintained home that looks good from the road.

Promote A Healthier Property

Algae, mould, and mildew are a common problem for roofs. Moisture and heat are breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus. Those that have respiratory issues might find that they breathe easier once algae and mould are removed from the roof. This is especially true if you are a homeowner that enjoys opening your windows on a gorgeous day. With pressure washing services, a technician will use a detergent to remove contaminants from the roof. This will virtually neutralize the spores that can cause illnesses. Similar to having an air filtration system installed, keeping the roof clean can help you to breathe easier. 

Why Choose Professionals For Exterior Cleaning Solutions?

If you’ve been thinking about exterior cleanings, like Roof cleaning, you might be wondering if doing it yourself is a more economical choice. While yes, you doing it yourself may trim off a few dollars, it isn’t all that easy as there are many factors that go into cleaning outside features like the roof. For example, do you have the right equipment needed for the job? Pressure washers typically aren’t cheap. Especially if you want to get good ones, this may factor into your decision whether or not to hire a professional for exterior cleaning services.

In many cases, The cost of cleaning services is offset by how much the equipment is. Even if you choose to rent a power washer, you’ll still need to put in the hours of work to clean your property.

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