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The Fizzle Trilogy – Shipley Manor Adventures

November 25, 2017

One of the objectives on Roo’s school report from the last term was for her to broaden her reading repertoire. Whilst she is a confident reader, there are authors and genres that she turns to time and time again. With this in mind, we have been browsing bookstores for different titles. Earlier this month Roo received The Fizzle Trilogy by Tim Walker.

Following the exploits of Polly and Tom as they seek to unravel the mystery of a special, seemingly magical water known as the Fizzle. Their action-packed adventures, set first in Shipley Manor – the ship-shaped country house in which Polly lives – then in the Caribbean and finally the Arctic, see them overcome a host of evil villains and deadly perils as they draw ever closer to meeting the Fizzle’s creator and discovering its true purpose.

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Shipley Manor

Tom loves his new Saturday job at Shipley Manor Country Club. The place is full of hidden wonders. Why does Polly Seabright look like a mermaid? Is the Fizzle in the moat magical? And can the sheep really talk?

All isn’t as it seems at Shipley Manor. And when evil business partners Barclay Grub and Venetia Pike threaten to close it down, they are about to get the shock of their lives…

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The Flying Fizzler

Shipley Manor set sail on another action-packed adventure!

Polly, Tom and the crew are on a special mission to help the world ‘Get the Fizzle’. But faced with criminal billionaires, Caribbean icebergs, and flying alligators, they are in for a stormy ride.

And when a powerful old enemy returns with a wicked plan, Polly and Tom must stop her, before the Fizzle fizzles out for ever…

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Rise of the Rattler

Polly and Tom have uncovered a conspiracy to plunge the world into chaos. But who is behind it? And is the plot linked to the disappearance of their friend Scarlett?

To discover the truth the crew of Shipley Manor sails to the Arctic, where they must do battle with ravenous polar bears, deadly avalanches, and even the Fizzle, before facing their greatest ever for – the evil Rattler.

Shipley Manor Adventures // Roo’s thoughts…

When my mum gave me these books I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy them as it’s not something that I would normally read. I started reading Shipley Manor before bed and didn’t want to put it away when it was time for lights out. The characters were interesting and the storyline makes you want to read more to see what happens next.

The Fizzle Trilogy // Where to Buy

The Fizzle Trilogy of Shipley Manor, The Flying Fizzler, and Rise of the Rattler are available to buy from Amazon and all other good book retailers.

Disclosure: We received The Fizzle Trilogy books FOC for the purpose of review

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