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How car leasing works

December 2, 2017

If you need a reliable car to get to work every day and drive your family around in, then you’ll understand the costs and responsibility involved. Buying a car whether through finance or outlay is a considerable initial investment in capital which not everyone has available or can access immediately. Moreover, the ongoing costs of owning your own vehicle in terms of wear and tear and depreciation are making leasing vehicles increasingly more attractive to drivers.

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The benefits of leasing are manifold. You pay monthly but get to use a car which is in tip-top condition and ongoing maintenance costs such as tyres, vehicle servicing, and parts are all part of the monthly lease price. This means that you can budget better and have no nasty unexpected bills for car parts.

Moreover, you get to drive a car which is brand new and only you have driven during the course of the lease which means that you also know the car’s service history, running costs and know that it is in excellent repair. What is more, leasing is a cheaper option than PCP where you pay only the depreciation costs of the car. This is because if car dealers have cars sitting on their forecourt which they haven’t sold, they let Yes Lease, lease them to our customers at a discounted price. Often this means that leasing the same car is cheaper than getting a PCP finance deal at the same dealership for the same car!

With Yes Lease, you’ll not only get great deals on car leasing, but you’ll also get a nice selection of vehicles to choose from which will be the envy of your friends and neighbours. Above all else, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you won’t be subjected to hidden or unexpected costs and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re getting really good value for money. More importantly, you’ll also be driving a vehicle which is reliable and one which you know if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to get repaired by reputable body shop companies.

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Leasehold is an excellent way to instantly arrange a reliable longterm vehicle to get you on the road. With www.yes-lease.co.uk all cars are brand new and unused and include free breakdown cover, manufacturer’s warranty and road tax where applicable. You can even part exchange your current vehicle making leasing with Yes-Lease even more affordable.

With leasing at Yes Lease, you have fixed monthly costs, no unexpected MOT or servicing bills because the car is new and we’ll even give you free breakdown cover. So, if you want to lease a top of the range model such as Mercedes, Audi, BMW it’s a great way to do it because higher-end vehicles really hold their value so it will ultimately be better value to lease high-end vehicles. All you have to do is keep the car in good condition, keep within the mileage limit and drive! If you want to get on the road now with no initial costs, or even part exchange your own current vehicle, simply click on this site to get motoring today!

A wheel of a car

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