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The Box Tree // Let The Elves Do It…

December 4, 2017

In years gone by many of us would scour the high street in search of the perfect gift for loved ones, family, and friends. A combination of time constraints and convenience many of us are now shopping online for gifts. But does shopping online make the gifts impersonal? It doesn’t have to. With the help of The Box Tree elves, they have gifts which still have that personal touch and all wrapped up for you (literally!).

A pair of scissors

Like it or not, preparing for Christmas just seems to be accompanied by inevitable and unavoidable stress. The pressure of achieving that fabled “Perfect Christmas” as evoked by high-profile TV ad campaigns which more closely resemble blockbuster releases than the homely OXO ads of yore. The Box Tree, are here to help. With a range of beautiful, ready-made Stocking Boxes means there’s one thing (or several) that you can cross off your list.

The Box Tree // Stocking Boxes

Available in a range of classic and luxury stocking boxes, with the children’s collection categorised into age groups to help you select the correct box for the person you are purchasing for. Each of their stocking boxes contains a selection of gifts that they have taken the time to research from tried and trusted brands. Each and every gift is beautifully wrapped and delivered in time for Christmas. Ready for you to pop them in a stocking or under the tree as a complete gift box.

Personally, rather than thinking of them as stocking boxes, I prefer to think of them as little parcels of personality. Think of someone who you need to buy for this Christmas, now think about their personality, their likes, and dislikes. Now take a look at the range of stocking boxes available from The Box Tree and see which one sums them up best. Filled with a collection of gifts that as they unwrap them will smile at how well you know them.

The Box Tree // Available Stocking Boxes

    • [left]

    • Lady’s Classic Stocking Box
    • Lady’s Luxury Stocking Box
    • Gent’s Classic Stocking Box
    • Gent’s Luxury Stocking Box



    • Boy Age 3-4 Christmas Box
    • Girl Age 3-4 Christmas Box
    • Boy Age 5-7 Christmas Box
    • Girl Age 5-7 Christmas Box
    • Boy Age 8-11 Christmas Box
    • Girl Age 8-11 Christmas Box
    • Teen Boy Christmas Box
    • Teen Girl Christmas Box


The Box Tree // Shop, wrap, personalise and deliver

The Box Tree does it all for you – Once you have chosen your stocking box, they will wrap it, add a personalised message and deliver either to yourself or directly to the recipient – so perfect if you have family or friends who live away. Allowing you to spend more time with the kids and loved ones enjoying the excitement and anticipation of the season. 

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