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Why is the Car Exhaust System so Important

September 27, 2019

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Our cars can be our lifeline to the rest of the world: allowing us to travel for work, fun and learning without having to rely on public transport – but they do come with a responsibility. We must keep them in great condition in order to get the best out of them. Here are some interesting facts about your car.


When there is not enough coolant in the system, the car can overheat. This can be spotted by using the gauges mounted on the dashboard, but you can also tell if the car smells excessively hot (this is a unique smell that once identified you will never forget!), if there is a ticking or groaning noise from under the bonnet, if there is steam coming from the radiator, and if you lose engine power.

If your car is overheating, try to allow it time to cool down. You can help by making sure the radiator is full and switching off the engine, leaving the vehicle with the hood up to allow excess heat to dissipate faster. Thirty minutes should be enough for the engine to cool to safe levels.

Do not be tempted to take the radiator cap off too soon: if it is full of superheated water and air, it will rush out and scald you badly. Leave it a little while and make sure you use protection on your hand when you go begin to loosen the radiator cap – which should be done very slowly and carefully until you are sure that there will be no gush of scalding water and steam.

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Control Your Emissions

Emissions are the name given to pollutants in your exhaust fumes. In an ideal world, fumes would simply be steam and other non-harmful substances. Unfortunately, the fuels we use do not completely burn off and there are often particles in the exhaust that is blown out into the world. However, having your engine tuned to as close to precision as possible is a great way to make sure that your exhaust emissions are as clean as they can be.

Exhaust Checks: Why and how they increase vehicle performance

Now you can avail yourself of our car exhaust repair service at Iverson Tyres to make sure that your car is in the best condition. If you have one, your catalytic converter will be in the exhaust system, so while the mechanic is giving your car the once over, he or she will also be checking out the CC. These useful devices fit into the exhaust system and essentially ‘mop up’ the harmful fumes before they can escape out into the world. Having the whole exhaust system in good condition will allow your car to work more easily: which means more power, speed and efficiency for your journey!

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