Tech options to Help your Teen To Thrive In Life

June 21, 2021

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These basic elements of technology can be used alongside many accessories and other smaller tech options that will also help your teen to thrive in life. 

When it comes to technology we all know that our teenagers can rule the roost when it comes to the latest gadgets. They know exactly what they want, exactly what they need, and what technology would be useful. As much as we as parents might want to avoid them using so much technology, there is no doubt that it cannot be avoided. Most of their schooling these days is done online, submitting homework and coursework. It can be one of the only ways they communicate with friends and embrace the things they enjoy doing. So what tech does your teen need to thrive in life?

Their lives may revolve around school and what they do socially, and so it could be time to ensure that they have what they need to be able to function in today’s modern world. A world that to a teen is all about multitasking and keeping up to date with the latest that is going on in their own worlds. So here are some of the things you may want to encourage your teen to have or utilise when it comes to technology. 

Let’s start with the basics

Technology has enhanced at a dramatic pace and while “back in the day” the Nokia 3210 was all the rage because of the changing phone cases and the fact you could play “snake” on it, today’s phone is a lot more advanced. Your teen needs to not only be able to make and receive phone calls and text messages, but they also need to be able to search the internet, check social media, and use applications. Their school, for example, may have an app they use so that the teacher can communicate with them directly as being able to submit work online.

A phone is important, but they also need to be able to work from home and this is when they may also need a decent laptop, iPad, or tablet. These devices will house their lives from work to fun, so having up-to-date software and technology will help them to thrive. However, it is much more than that. These basic elements of technology can be used alongside many accessories and other smaller tech options that will also help your teen to thrive in life. 

Tech options to help your teen to thrive in life

Phone case with stand

With so much being done on phones these days, your teen may need to be able to view something on their phone while perhaps working physically such as writing or completing workbooks. This is when a phone case with a stand, like the CLCKR one, could be extremely useful.

Sleek in design they are very neutral in their appearance. They can stand up horizontally so that the phone can become a full screen, especially useful if they are watching a video. This stand can also be a good option if your child needs to use their phone for Microsoft Teams or Zoom calls. Being able to balance the phone on a desk or table keeping their hands free will be a lot more convenient than having to hold the phone in place. 

Wireless earphones 

Another great investment for your teen when it comes to different technology is wireless headphones. They can be so much more convenient than having a wire plugged into your phone, tablet, or laptop. Your teen may need to be able to listen to a variety of things. One of the most obvious might be music as they walk to and from school, or as and when they are walking or in the car with you.

Music can be especially important to your teen and you may find that they end up listening to it quite a lot. It might be that wireless earphones come in handy for other factors including listening to videos relevant to schoolwork or being able to participate in Microsoft teams or Zoom calls. This is when options like the URBANISTA Stockholm Plus earphones could prove to be useful. 

Tech options to help your teen to thrive in life

Amazon Kindle for Kids

While they may have an iPad or a laptop, you might be interested in a tablet that is more utilised for their age group as well as being more reader-focused. This is when the Amazon Kindle for Kids could be a useful purchase. Enabling your teen to have access to all of their favourite books and be able to read freely without the worry of having to switch from different devices.

They can also connect up to audible, so if your teen prefers, they can listen to books on the go without the worry of having to connect up to different devices. A great addition for any teen that loves to read. 

Smart Watch

We all know that there is a real need to stay up to date when you are out and about and often it can be hard to get out of your phone to check messages and notifications that come through. This is when a smart watch connected to your phone can be a huge help. You might look at getting a watch specific to your phone, such as the Apple Watch or Samsung watch, this is where they will sink directly to it. However, you could look at other brands like Garmin or Fitbit that also do smart watches that can connect up to a phone.

Not only can they give you notifications, text messages and enable you to answer calls, but in some cases, you can track things like exercise. So walking to school could be tracked as a walking workout, or when you do certain activities. It can help your teen to be more accountable for their health and wellbeing and be more in tune with their body and how they treat it. While being a great connectivity device in terms of being a mobile phone on your wrist. 

Tech options to help your teen to thrive in life

So there you have it, some of the technology that you might want to consider when it comes to your teen. Let’s hope this has you more aware of some of the tech that can help your teen to thrive in life. 

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