How to properly pack a suitcase for a trip?

June 19, 2021

If you have travelled a lot in the past, you might be a bit too confident about your suitcase packing skills. But if you look back on your trip preparations in the last few years, you might still remember the struggle you went through. 

No matter how much you try, you still might not know the best way to pack a suitcase. To make packing less dreadful for you when you go on a trip the next time, we have made a list of tips that will help you pack more efficiently. 

Choose the correct suitcase for you 

The most efficient way to pack a suitcase isn’t going to help you if you don’t have the correct suitcase for your need. Instead of getting the biggest bag and only using half of it, think about the amount of stuff you wish to carry. 

To pack a suitcase efficiently, you have to think smartly and get the right size bag only. If you need a bag with lots of pockets and one that is easier to carry around, make sure to buy that exact bag for yourself. It’s essential that you pick a suitcase that will fulfil all your travelling needs for this upcoming trip. 

You need to think properly so you don’t overpack

Another part of packing that most people dread is to decide how much you want to put in the suitcase. To pack a suitcase like a pro, you need to be aware that carrying too much stuff often means you have to pay extra luggage fees. 

Consider the duration and the nature of the trip before you start stuffing things in your suitcase. The main goal is to pack small luggage that holds everything you need yet isn’t a nightmare to carry around. So make sure to only take things that you know you will definitely need on the trip – Need a travel packing list?

Stuff like toiletries and makeup should go in one separate bag

Packing luggage in one single bag might sound like a brilliant idea, but you will struggle to pull daily necessities out of it every day. You should consider carrying an extra hanging bag for stuff like toiletries, makeup, etc. 

This leaves more space in the suitcase and makes it easier for you to find essential items when you are in a rush. To pack a suitcase efficiently, consider putting such stuff in a separate carry-on bag for the trip. This reduces the hassle of trying to find things on time and also allows you to pack things more efficiently.

Rolling is the most useful way to pack clothes!

If you have looked up other tips to pack lightly, you already might know that rolling clothes is the best way to pack a suitcase. Some good reasons for doing that are that it keeps clothes from being wrinkled and also saves space so you can pack more essentials.

Additionally, you can use compression packing cubes for clothes that are impossible to roll while you are packing luggage. Keep in mind, the more clothes you roll, the more space you get to pack extras. 

How to properly pack a suitcase


When you are excited about going on a trip after a long time, forgetting to pack something important can ruin your mood a lot. Once you learn to pack a suitcase efficiently,  there are some practical tips you should know beforehand. 

We hope that through this article, you understand some quick tips for packing luggage smartly for any trips. When it comes to packing, being space efficient and smart about the things you choose to pack is essential. So use this as your starting guide and you can also pack a suitcase like a pro right away!

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