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Taking Care of Your Kids Hair and Skin This Summer

June 10, 2018

Summer is a brilliant time for kids. Not only do they get to play outside for longer, but they also get to enjoy six weeks off school! However, as fun as summer can be, without adequate care and protection, your kid’s hair and skin could suffer.

Here, you’ll discover some great tips on how to take care of your kid’s hair and skin this summer.

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Never Forget Sunscreen

Out of all of the summer skin care tips for kids, you can follow, sunscreen is definitely one of the most important! Now, although this is especially important in summer, it’s actually important to protect your child’s skin from the sun all year round. The NHS advises protecting children’s skin from the sun from May through until October.

Ideally, you should be using an organic sunscreen with an SPF 30+ to protect their skin from burns and sun damage. You’ll also want to remember to reapply the sunscreen frequently, especially if they’ve been swimming or splashing around in a paddling pool.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Your child’s skin and hair are extremely sensitive. Therefore, you’ll want to avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals. You may be surprised just how harsh standard skin and hair products can be. If you check the back of your child’s shampoo bottle, for example, you’ll likely find it contains all kinds of harsh, nasty ingredients. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in organic, safer products.

You can find high-quality skin and hair care products from UK companies like NEOM. They’re much kinder on the skin and will prevent excess moisture being stripped from your child’s hair.

Invest in chlorine shampoo

If your child is likely to spend a lot of their time swimming this summer, it could be worth investing in chlorine shampoo.

Excess chlorine can cause a significant amount of damage to the hair. After leaving the swimming pool, chlorine will be stuck to the hair. If you use a harsh shampoo to wash it out, it’s only going to cause further damage. A chlorine shampoo, on the other hand, will gently remove the chlorine while ensuring your child’s hair remains soft and healthy.

As you can see, keeping your child’s skin and hair protected isn’t difficult if you know which products to invest in. Ideally, you’ll want to keep the kids out of the sun during peak times, but if not, following the tips above will really help you to keep their skin and hair safe and healthy.

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