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Hand washing clothes your tips from the experts

February 10, 2020

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Did a drink spill on your expensive dress? How can you wash off the dirt without damaging the material?

Hand washing is the solution! 

According to Maid ForYou, hand washing is the safest way to remove the dirt on your delicate dress to avoid damage. Hand washing is also recommended for delicate clothing to preserve its colour, shape, size and look.

There are several that you should remember before and after hand washing your clothes. It will remind you how to treat the piece of material while washing it and avoiding other damage.

Here are are a few expert tips that you should know when hand washing your clothes:

Check the label of the clothes

Checking the label of your dirty clothes is a habit that you should keep in mind before hand washing. Always double-check the care label of the item before washing it. Segregate the ones that should be taken to the cleaner and for handwashing. A professional cleaner should wash some delicate fabric, some can be cleaned by you as long as you are careful. 

If you see the label Dry Clean Only, take the item to a professional laundry cleaning service. The polyester fabric should be taken to a professional cleaner to avoid damage and agitation.

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Prepare the washing supplies, tools and materials that you need

Gather the washing supplies that you need before hand washing. Do not use an aggressive detergent to avoid damage to your clothes. Choose a mild laundry detergent to avoid discolouration. Please stay away from strong laundry detergent because it can burn your hands! It is also essential to utilise the right type of hanger when drying the item to avoid deformed shape. Padded hangers are the best!

Separate white and dark coloured

Use hot water to wash white coloured clothing and cold water for coloured clothing. It can help you get rid of the dirt quickly. Specks of dirt are heavily deposited in whites and using hot water will enable them to come off quickly. On the other hand, cold water can preserve the colour of your clothes.

It would be best if you washed white and coloured soiled clothes should separately to avoid colour contamination. Taking time to segregate dark and white coloured clothes before hand washing can preserve the quality of your clothes and saves you a lot of time and money.

Spot the dirty areas before hand washing

Checking for areas with dirt before hand washing your clothes can save you a lot of time. Also, you can be confident that you can remove the soil after washing. It can speed up your hand washing process and will also help you decide as to which type of detergent you should use. It can also help you organise the sequence of your washing process. Looking out for dirty areas before hand washing is a practical tip that you should not forget. You will be confident that your clothes are clean afterwards.

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Wash gently

Too much scrubbing can lead to scratches and torn fabric. Squeeze a small amount of stain remover to your finger and dab it gently on the material. Dip it in the water while gently scrubbing the dirt off the fabric. An excellent gentle scrub will remove dirt in a few minutes. Moreover, some heavily soiled fabric may take a while to remove. Again, scrub it gently and be patient! 

Clean the sink

Clean the sink or washing area before using it. Please give it a good scrub before putting in your laundry. Cleaning the sink before hand washing your clothes is essential as you do not want the detergent mixed with the dirt. It may also have grease and traces of skincare products that could transfer to your soiled clothes. A dirty sink or washing area will give you a hard time hand washing your clothes. 

Rinse it properly

Rinse it the way you washed it – gently. It is a general tip that you should keep in mind while hand washing your clothes. For delicate fabrics, it would help if you place the item in a colander using a sprayer. You can also use a big bucket filled with fresh, clean water to rinse it thoroughly. In addition, you can also add fabric conditioner to soften the material. It can also preserve the quality of your clothes.

Hang the clothes to dry

Hang your clothes properly after hand washing. Choose the right type of hanger to avoid the unkempt look. If you’re using a clothesline, it will help if you use a clothes peg to lay out the fabric properly. Clip it properly to stop it from getting on the floor. Moreover, it would be best if you gently wrung your clothes before hanging it to dry. Twisting it aggressively can damage the fabric.

For more hand washing tips from experts, check out Maid ForYou.

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