7 Ways to get organised for a stress-free Christmas day

November 14, 2023

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Christmas isn’t too far away and many of us will start to notice our stress levels begin to rise at the sheer thought of it. There is so much to consider and organise for one day, which is why so many people feel that the festive period is not as enjoyable as you might want it to be. However, it is possible to have a stress-free Christmas day. With a little forward-thinking and planning, you can enjoy the festive period as much as everyone else. Here are some of the ways to help you get organised. 

How to have a stress-free Christmas

Stress-free Christmas Day? 7 Ways to get organised - Christmas Cards

Prepare your Christmas cards ahead of time 

Christmas is all about sending festive cheer and one way people do that is through Christmas cards. However, leaving them till December can feel like a rush and you will likely forget to send one to someone. So why not prepare ahead. Pick up a pack as and when you can and then write those cards out. You can put a stamp on them ready and have a pile ready to go the first week of December. You will be safe in the knowledge that you have the time to check that everyone was included and that you have sent them in good time. 

Start buying gifts and wrap them straightaway

Are you one of those people who leave buying gifts to the last minute? Maybe you are a last-minute wrapper on Christmas Eve when you really want to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. These two things alone can make you stressed. So start early instead.

A great tip is to buy gifts ahead of time and then wrap them when you get them. Keep a note on your phone or in a notebook so you know what you have bought and where you have placed it or what wrapping paper etc, and then you can forget all about it until Christmas Eve. This is also a great way to help spread the cost and manage your budgets more effectively. 

Give your fridge and freezer a deep clean 

A big part of Christmas is the food and drink, however, it can be a little stressful when it comes to storing everything. So give yourself the best chance by deep cleaning your fridge and freezer before you start buying the Christmas food and drink. It will give you a chance to make some space and organise those spaces better so that you can store things easily. 

Buy cupboard and pantry items ahead of time 

You can also buy certain things in advance. Those tins of chocolates, snacks, biscuits, alcohol, and soft drinks. They can all be bought ahead of time and stored away ready. This takes the pressure off those few weeks before where you are trying to buy your food and drink and also gives you the best opportunity to help spread the cost. Buy a few things each time you go to the shops and you will notice that you will have less to buy in that final big shop.

Stress-free Christmas Day? 7 Ways to get organised - Wrapping Christmas Presents

Plan your food and drink consumption

It may sound like a boring task, but planning your food and drink consumption can help to ensure that you stick to a budget and also have everything that you want and need for the festivities. Plan the Christmas day menu, order in advance by selecting an online delivery slot, or even pay for a food order or box from online retailers. Having a list of everything you need also gives you the chance to spread the purchases over a few weeks, rather than having to deal with the crowds during those few days leading up to Christmas Day. 

Deep clean over a few weeks rather than all at once

One big battle with Christmas is wanting your home to feel fresh, clean, and presentable. It is likely you will have guests over and you will want to present yourself in the best possible way. But don’t stress yourself out by trying to clean your home all at once. Write a list of all the jobs you want to do and then try and tick one or two off a day in the lead up to December.

This way when December hits you will only have to keep on top of things rather than worrying that you have to deep clean everywhere. It will also help to do this in November before you plan to put any decorations up. It will make that time far more enjoyable. 

Stress-free Christmas Day? 7 Ways to get organised - Christmas Cookies

Little and often 

The main thing to remember in the lead up towards Christmas is that you can do little things each day leading up to it you will be left with far less to do when the festive period starts. Meaning you can enjoy yourself. Lists will help you to stay in check and keep track of what you do ahead of time. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to get organised for a stress-free Christmas. 

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