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How to deep clean your house like a pro

January 14, 2017

You probably clean your house regularly but sometimes it’s great to do a one-off deep clean just to deal with everything that has built up over the course of the year. Whether you’re spring, summer or winter cleaning, here’s the best in-depth approach to getting your home spic and span:

Have a plan

The first thing you need to do is create a plan for how you’re going to clean the house – this is essential as a time-saving technique as well as to ensure that you get everything done that you need to. Write out a checklist for everything in your home that needs to be cleaned so you can record your progress as you go. If you’re lucky enough to have someone helping you out you can delegate the tasks between you – try to make it as fair as possible, dividing equally the tasks that no-one wants to do.

Now is also a great time to check through your cleaning products. If you’re carrying out a one-off deep clean or spring clean it might be the case that you’re cleaning surfaces and materials that you wouldn’t usually. You need to ensure that the cleaning products you’re planning on using are suitable for the job, if not you can head out and buy what you need before you get started.

First things first

You should start off by doing the stuff you’ll have to do for every room. Start by tidying and getting rid of all the clutter in your house. This gets your home ready for the cleaning process and helps to make sure that you’re not missing anything important. Doing a deep clean is also a great opportunity to get rid of furniture, ornaments and other features in your house that you just don’t use anymore. Is that fondue set in the kitchen just another thing to clean that never actually gets used? There are probably plenty of things around the place that never get used, so now could be the perfect time to get rid of them.

Now take the time to dust the house thoroughly paying close attention to those areas that never get seen where dust can build up. This can include places like the top of the door frame and the light fixtures. Follow the dusting by doing the hoovering and cleaning any floor surfaces. It’s smart to do the dusting before the hoovering so you’re getting rid of the dust that you have disturbed. Finally, clean the windows. After you’ve got these out of the way you can focus on deep cleans of each room individually.

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How to clean the bedroom

You can clean your rooms in any order but let’s start with the bedroom. Just as with the general clutter that you can remove with a deep clean, this can be the ideal opportunity to re-organise your wardrobe and drawers. Rid yourself of the clothes you never wear and make additional space in your room. If they are in good condition you could potentially sell them on or donate them to a charity.

Next up is your bed itself. You probably change the sheets on your bed regularly, but you should definitely take this opportunity to do it again. This especially makes sense if you’ve been dusting and using chemicals and other cleaning products in your bedroom. Finally, once you’ve changed your sheets, make your bed – it really brings the whole room together and you’ll feel far more satisfied with the good job you have done.

How to clean the kitchen

Start off in the kitchen by deep cleaning the appliances. That means more than wiping off the hob – get inside the oven and get rid of any of the grease or remnants of foodstuffs that have built up over time. Next move on to the counter and the backsplash, cleaning them all very thoroughly – it can be a great idea to move everything off them first just so you know that you’re getting rid of all of the kitchen grime. Also, take the time to clean both the cabinet doors and their insides as well.

Now is also a smart time to clean out the fridge and freezer. This is especially true of the freezer which can often become full of things you simply don’t use. Do a stock check and chuck the stuff that you haven’t even considered eating in months.

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How to clean the bathroom

Now’s the time to getting on your rubber gloves to protect you from any bacteria that you encounter while cleaning the bathroom. Start with the toilet and start by cleaning the exterior with a sponge and hot water. You can then move on to the seat and the inside of the bowl. For the seat, you can use anti-bac wipes or spray on some bathroom cleaning product. For the bowl, squirt in some bleach or toilet cleaner. Leave it for a little before giving it a vigorous scrub with the toilet brush and then flush the toilet.

Use antibacterial cleaner in the shower and bath, making sure that you take the time to clean the taps as well as the showerhead. You should also make use of glass cleaner for mirrors and your shower screen.

How to clean the living room

The bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom tend to get cleaned on a fairly regular basis, but that might not necessarily be true of your lounge or living room. You might put the hoover round a few times and dust every so often, but ultimately many aspects can go a long time without being cleaned. That means this is a great time to give it the love it deserves.

Spend some time polishing the furniture, shelves, window frames and any other wood in the lounge. This will really do a lot to smarten up the appearance of the room. Pay particular attention to the dining table and chairs as these tend to get a lot of use. You should also wash cushion covers to freshen up the sofa and if you have painted walls or brickwork, you can also take this time to clean them too.

Disclosure: This is a featured article from Dakota Murphey. Dakota Murphey is an independent content writer working alongside professional carpet cleaners, Apple Clean. She spends most of her time cleaning up after her two tearaway kids, so she’s gotten pretty good at knowing the short cuts to making life easier when cleaning the house.  

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